Sleep in Potes

Sleep in Potes

To the south of the Picos de Europa, Potes is a historical farming and cattle-breeding region. The most interesting part of a visit to Potes is the history, and you can’t miss the Ermita de San Miguel or the local food, like the Quesucos de Liébana. Here we give you our selection of the best places to stay in Potes.

Ermita de San Miguel

The area of Liébana is ideal for hiking and cycling, which is why we suggest the Hotel Valdecoro, which is located ideally for practicing both sports. At the same time, the hotel is found just a 4-minute walk from the center of town. The rooms are large and recently renovated.

The Hotel & Spa Arha is also located very close to the center of Potes, as well as the Picos de Europa Natural Park. The rooms are satisfactory, and you can have a drink at the bar after a spa session and massage.

The Brisas del Deva apartments are in the center of town and have everything nearby. The unusual and nice thing about this place is that you can hear the murmur of the Deva river as you fall asleep. If you can, reserve the room in the attic to be able to observe star constellations at night.

Dónde dormir en Potes
Hosteria del Oso
Dónde dormir en Potes
Hotel & Spa Arha

The Villa Elena is a place that’s worth it for staying in Potes. It’s located a little farther from the center of town, but only 3km from the monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana, which you cannot miss if you’re in the area. What we like about this hotel are the details; when you arrive they serve you a pitcher of water with ice cubes with their own fresh-picked cherries frozen inside.

Dónde dormir en San Vicente de la Barquera
Villa Elena

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