Eating in Vera de Bidasoa – Bera

Eating in Vera de Bidasoa – Bera

This village and municipality offers quality products that create excellent local recipes. Also, if you decide to eat in Vera de Bidasoa you will be able to enjoy a broad variety of delicious dishes. Are you coming with us?

The gastronomy of Vera de Bidasoa is strongly influenced by its proximity to the Basque Country. The vegetable gardens of the region offer a huge variety of legumes and vegetables while the ranching is the activity that produces meat, a product that is highly valued in here. During the 4th Sunday of October, the quarter of Alzate celebrates de Lurranen Eguna – Day of the Earth. The streets become a market where visitors can buy the local products while cider and cheese sellers offer their specialties. The Bidasoa River is a source of trout and salmon, both very common at the beginning of the season.

The most popular meats when eating in Vera de Bidasoa are the calf and lamb. The hunting meat also has a place here, specially the dove of the close region of Etxalar, captured with a net through a procedure called as Cultural Interest Property. To finish your meal in Vera de Bidasoa, the region offers cheese, cuajadas and other artisan products made of sheep’s milk.

cuajada bidasoa
queso aragones
cordero navarra

If you want to eat tapas and pinchos the bar Lixoa is the perfect place for you. But if you like classic places, Errekalde Ostatua is your restaurant: here you will find a delicious tortilla de patatas and croquetas.

comer vera bisasoa bar lixoa
Bar Lixoa

The options of places to eat in Vera de Bidasoa are numerous and of a great quality. The restaurant Zalain is one of the best valued in town. Here, a cuisine based on vegetables, meat and fish of local production is served. It also has many different menus at good prices and offers the possibility of celebrating special occasions such as weddings, communions and other similar meetings.

Lenkonea is one of the most popular places when eating in Vera de Bidasoa. It is located in a building that used to be a forge, and has an attractive decoration that makes it a warm and welcoming place. Its menu has all kinds of dishes that follow the traditional recipes of the north of Navarra, such as some specialties of French influence.

The restaurant Euskalduna, a family place that started to work in the beginning of the 20th Century, is another good option when eating in Vera de Bidasoa. The cuisine is clearly traditional, homemade and of a strong local essence thanks to the use of autochthonous products. It offers a daily menu, menus for special occasions and also has a crystal terrace and a bar where clients can try all types of pinchos.

comer vera bidasoa restaurante zalain
Restaurante Zalain
comer vera bidasoa restaurante lenkonea
Restaurante Lenkonea

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