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Eating in Pamplona

With an excellent gastronomy, eating in Pamplona brings people the opportunity of trying the multiple recipes of the quality local establishments. You will feel at home in the bars and restaurants of this city.

Pamplona is a city where gastronomy is lived in an intense way. Its geographical position, in the center of the community that is also the capital, makes this town the authentic center of the cuisine from Navarra. The local vegetable gardens provide all kinds of vegetables such as thistle, cabbage, starflower, asparagus, Pimientos de Piquillo de Lodosa with D.O.P (peppers) and artichoke, which are the base of numerous local dishes such as the menestra and are also served with many others, such as stews. Those stews, depending on the season, are cooked with all kinds of mushrooms, which are typical when eating in Pamplona. The red beans and pochas are also well known.

The most popular meats of the region are the lamb al chilindrón and the calf or the roasted ox. Of course, it is also possible to find hunt meat such as wild boar, deer and rabbit, or pork embutidos (sausage) such as the famous chorizo of Pamplona, a classic between those who love to eat in this region. Regarding the fish, the trout with ham and the salmon from the Bidasoa river are the most popular ones.

Close to Pamplona many wine quality products are produced, such as the wine D.O. Navarra, D.O Pago de Arízano, D.O. Pago de Otazu, the D.O. Prado de Irache and the D.O Ca. Rioja. This is also a pinchos city. The most common place to enjoy this type of dish is the Casco Antiguo, where most of the tapas bars of Pamplona are located in. In this city the famous Pacharán of Navarra with I.G.P is produced, a great liquor to finish your meal with in Pamplona. The celebrations of San Fermín are the perfect occasion to enjoy the Pamplonica cuisine.

Eating in pamplona
Eating in pamplona

The tapeo is a great choice if you are planning on eating in Pamplona, a city that has a huge number of pinchos bars. Some of them are the Café Iruña, a historic place; Gaucho, a popular place for the local tapeo; Savoy, specialized in cheese; Chelsy, another great place; or El Vallado, a classic and famous place.

Eating in pamplona
Bar Savoy
Eating in pamplona
Bar Chelsy

It is possible to find all kinds of places to eat in Pamplona. Europa is a restaurant of high gastronomy that has had it work recognized with a Michelin star. Its cuisine is an attractive mix between vanguard and tradition, based on fresh and seasonal ingredients. This place has many different menus and is always packed, reason why it is hard to find a free table. It is also possible to organize weddings and other special celebrations here.

Another great place to go to is Rodero, a place that also has a Michelin star. The cooking here is attractive and innovative. They also have many different special menus.

The restaurant Alhambra offers a menu where the classic local recipes are present. Those dishes are cooked following contemporary techniques, always using products of great quality that are locally produced.

Enekorri is a well known place to eat in Pamplona thanks to its creative and original cooking that always looks up to the tradition of the gastronomy from Navarra.

At the second floor of the building Palacio Baluarte you will find the restaurant Baluarte, a place that cooks classic recipes using quality products. They offer their clinets different menus and, due to its size, the possibility of organizing weddings, communions and other celebrations.

Eating in pamplona
Restaurante Alhambra
Eating in pamplona
Restaurante Rodero

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