Eating in Los Arcos

Eating in Los Arcos

The village of Los Arcos is located in the French Way to Santiago. Los Arcos is known for its Medieval urban buildings, which are well preserved. The beautiful church of Santa María, from the 12th Century, is a mandatory visit. The gastronomy of the town is really rich, reason why eating in Los Arcos is a great opportunity. 

There is a varied culinary tradition in Los Arcos, reason why you will be able to discover a great variety of typical dishes. If there is one that is especially famous, that’s the ajoarriero, which is common in the kitchens and tables of the village during the whole year, but mainly during the Lent.

Regarding the meat, the lamb menudicos served with tripes and the lamb’s blood, are delicious. A variation of this dish is the pantorrillo, which consists on adding lamb’s pays and intestines to the mix and making a braid with it.

Other common dishes are the vegetable menestra, asparagus, peppers, roasted lamb, lamb al chilindrón, roasted gorrín, hake a la cosquera… There is also a huge variety of desserts such as the leche frita, roscos de los Arcos – a variation of the Rosquillas de San Blas – and the sopa cana, traditionally eaten on Christmas.

patorrillo arcos
leche frita

There are few bars and restaurants in Los Arcos. But don’t panic! You won’t be hungry. Read our “A la carte” section and discover some of them. 

The options of places to eat in Los Arcos are not very varied. One option if the Mesón de Gargantúa, located in the historical center, which is the perfect place for pilgrims to rest. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The rest of the options are located in the many hostels of the town, such as the restaurant Ezequiel. They prepare homemade and traditional food.

comer arcos restaurante meson gargantua
Mesón Gargantúa
comer arcos restaurante hortal ezaquiel
Restaurante Hostal Ezequiel

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