Eating in Funes

Eating in Funes

This village and municipality of the Comunidad Foral de Navarra is known for a gastronomy of delicious meat and artisan embutidos (embutidos). There are not many bars and restaurants to eat in Funes, but the few ones will be more than enough for you to try the gastronomy from the region. 

The gastronomy of Funes is strongly influenced by the culinary tradition from the medium region of Navarra. The proximity of the vegetable gardens to the south enables the village to have excellent seasonal vegetable products. With them, one of the most typical dishes from Navarra is prepared: the vegetable menestra, made with peas, asparagus with I.G.P. Navarra, green beans, mushrooms and more vegetables, such as the famous artichoke of Tudela with I.G.P.. The legumes also have an important role in everything there is to eat in Funes. The red and white beans are much appreciated here, and the stews made with them can be served with hunting meats.

The calf and lamb meats are the most common ones in Funes. They can be grilled or roasted, and are usually an ingredient of the ranchos that are prepared in the surroundings of the town. Regarding the pork byproducts, Funes produces excellent artisan embutidos. The experience of eating in Funes can be completed with the delicious wine products of the region, such as the wine D.O. Navarra, D.O. Pago de Arínzano, D.O. Pago de Otazu and D.O. Prado de Irache.

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There are no tapas bars in the village. But don’t panic! You won’t stay hungry here. Visit our “A la carte” section and find more options of places to eat in Funes. 

When eating in Funes, we find an offer of restaurants that is very limited, but is known for the quality of the products that are prepared. Legaz is a place that serves daily menus and also has a carte with dishes of a strong local flavor, where the land products are the pillars of the recipes.

Another place you should consider if you are having a meal in Funes is Avenida, a place where the recipes follow the pure traditions of the medium lands from Navarra.

In Halconeras de Sancho IV you will find an attractive restaurant that prepares grilled food: meat, fish, vegetables and even rice. They have a carte and a menu. Delicious!

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