Eating in Rascafría

Eating in Rascafría

The origins of the Town of Rascafría date back to the Middle Ages, being founded in the XIV century the Cartuja de El Paular, the oldest in Castile. This municipality located in the valley of Lozoya previously belonged to Segovia, but since the nineteenth century is integrated into the northwest of the Community of Madrid.

In the Valle Alto del Lozoya we find Rascafría, a town that offers a very wide and exquisite gastronomic offer. Due to its geographical location, eating in Rascafría, will be linked to nature and to tradition. Among the products that can be eaten in Rascafria we stand out game products such as venison, roe deer, rabbit and hare, usually stewed.

comer rascafria restaurante potro
Restaurante El Potro
boletus rascafria

Accompany these delicacies with the great variety of mushrooms in the area as the mycological season of the Sierra de Madrid gives you the opportunity to try multiple varieties. If you want to enjoy the pleasures of the region, let yourself fall for the Mushroom, Hunting and Wine Gastronomic Days and live a unique culinary experience. Walk the streets and take the opportunity to try all these delicious recipes on a small scale, thanks to the tradition of tapas and pinchos that is kept alive in this town.

Situado en la avenida del Paular, el restaurante Caldea ofrece a sus comensales los mejores platos locales en un amplio pajar rehabilitado, con muros de piedra y mobiliario rural. Todas sus materias primas son de gran calidad, y el emplatado es elegante y cuidado, lo que lo convierte en un lugar ideal para comer en ocasiones especiales.

Tras una facha de piedra se esconde La Antigua Tahona, un restaurante donde podremos degustar deliciosas carnes al horno de leña a un precio competitivo. Su cocina mediterránea respira calidad y frescura, lo que combina a la perfección con un atento personal y su cuidado emplatado.

En el restaurante El Candil tendremos la sensación de comer en una casa rústica ajardinada con porche incluido. Este restaurante ofrece una amplia variedad de especialidades de caza, así como diversas variedades de setas en un entorno bonito y cuidado.

Dónde comer en Rascafría
Restaurante El Candil
Dónde comer en Rascafría
La Antigua Tahona

Located in the Ibañez Marín Street, the restaurant El Pilón has very good menus with an excellent price-quality ratio. It is ideal to eat in the mountains high quality food.

If we are looking for eating in a modern and elegant restaurant in the middle of the nature, Los Claveles is the best option. This business is perfect to eat something while breathing some fresh air surrounded by pine trees and nearby a small river.

In the bar El Potro we can try an excellent homemade food and a delicious pacharán. Located in the Rosario street, the raw materials are of high quality.

Dónde comer en Rascafría
Restaurante El Potro
Dónde comer en Rascafría
Restaurante El Pilón

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