Eating in Patones

Eating in Patones

The isolation of Patones in the Sierra Norte of Madrid gave him the legend of ‘Independent Kingdom’. It offers several tourism options; The classic walk through the village or venture down one of the hiking trails. Be that as it may, eating at Patones is an attraction in itself.

Nestled in the Sierra Norte, the town of Patones divides its urban core into two (Patones de Arriba and Abajo) but maintains its culinary tradition. What you have to eat in Patones is linked to the Castilian tradition and its great variety of typical products. Try the beans, the vegetables of the area, their meats and, of course, the wine. Walk around the town and taste a good roasted goat or lamb, as well as enjoy a wonderful environment. Do not forget to take thistle mushrooms, in season, or the delicious recipes with crumbs: with egg and sausage, with blood sausage and grapes, among others. Many of these recipes will be watered by an oil of extraordinary quality that is produced in the region. For the sweet tooth, the municipality also offers its classic sweets and its handmade honey.

judias blancas patones
miel patones

To eat in Patones de tapas or raciones, we highlight the following places. All of them are in Patones de Abajo, since the ‘A la Carte’ section is dedicated to the Upstairs neighbor.

Is there anything more typical than a bar called Manolo? We all come to the image of a bar of ordinary people, without great pretensions, abundant rations, cheap prices and good taste. You can find it on Avenida de Madrid.

Another place to make a stop and enjoy a fresh cane accompanied by homemade tapas is La Colmena.

Dónde comer en Patones
Dónde comer en Patones
La Colmena

There are numerous options where to eat in Patones, although most of them are concentrated in Patones de Arriba, the most touristic of the two nuclei that make up the municipality. Here is the King of Patones, an establishment with a long tradition behind him completely reformed at the beginning of the 21st century. It has an interior space of rustic style and an attractive outdoor terrace. Its cuisine is based on traditional recipes made with products from the area.

El Alquimista restaurant has an extensive traditional menu and several special menus for groups of different sizes. It also stands out for its craft desserts workshop.

Another unique establishment is La Cabaña de Patones. It is housed in a traditional building with three floors and has four separate rooms equipped to accommodate about fifteen guests each. It has a menu and a menu, all based on products from the area.

El Poleo restaurant is another classic place to eat in Patones. Its cuisine is traditional, but with modern touches. It has a second space called La Terraza del Poleo, consisting of a glazed wooden porch and a summer terrace.

Finally, El Bodegón de Patones has a menu and a menu. In addition, the chef’s specialty can be reserved in advance: rice casserole with lobster.

Dónde comer en Patones
El Rey de Patones
Dónde comer en Patones

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