Eating in Nuevo Baztán

Eating in Nuevo Baztán

Nuevo Baztán, in the Community of Madrid, is located in the region of Cuenca del Henares. This town is very touristic, perfect for escaping from the big city as it is only 50 kilometers from the capital. You can eat in Nuevo Baztán in the restaurants and tapas bars that blend with the old baroque style.

Located in the Region of the Henares Basin, Nuevo Baztán is an essentially tourist resort with a gastronomic proposal adjusted to the great variety of visitors that the place receives. Nuevo Baztán is also a meeting place for the Navarre community living in the downtown area, since each March there is a special edition of the Javierada festival. In the inns and bars you can find the classic portions and tapas of the downtown area, as well as more modern dishes adapted to different tastes.

repapalos nuevo baztan

At lunchtime in Nuevo Baztán, the restaurants in the town essentially cook typical Castilian dishes, such as migas with fried eggs, meat and roasts. If you choose to have tapas or lunch with rations in a bar, it is advisable to try a good wine with D.O. Wines of Madrid that is produced in the surrounding regions.

If you’re a sweet lover, try the famous “repápalos”, prepared from Nuevo Baztán, which are similar to pestiños and have become a classic at local fiestas.

The Plaza del Ayuntamiento is one of the areas with the highest density of bars. We recommend the Olmeda Tavern, the number of people who come to eat here is a sign of the quality of their meals and, above all, the economic price. Also, César Tapas, hearty rations and even, suitable for coeliacs! Finally, a little further away is the Aries Bar. From here highlights the terrace with natural grass perfect to enjoy the sun of Madrid. You will find good tapas and better prices.

Dónde comer en Nuevo Baztán
Bar Aries
Dónde comer en Nuevo Baztán
Taberna Olmeda

The options to eat in Nuevo Baztán are always top quality, linked to establishments that take care of their cuisine to offer the customer samples of the local recipe book. One of the most popular places to eat in Nuevo Baztán is the veteran inn El Conde, which is committed to a cuisine of Castilian tradition presented in an innovative way in the framework of a rural and endearing environment.

Mystiko is another of the most famous places in Nuevo Baztán. Their culinary proposals are varied and attractive and their eclectic atmosphere; In it you can eat a menu, rations or tapas and, in addition, at nightfall, you can have drinks and live music on certain occasions.

The Old House of the Grandfather is a place where the traditional kitchen works like signal of its cookers; the roast meat appears outstanding as a specialty of the establishment.

In La Cabaña del Baztán it is possible to find a wide range of menus and menus. In addition, they also organize banquets to celebrate weddings, baptisms, communions and all kinds of events, which suggests the great capacity with which they have their rooms.

Dónde comer en Nuevo Baztán
Restaurante Mystiko
Dónde comer en Nuevo Baztán
Mesón El Conde

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