Eating in Chueca – Madrid

Eating in Chueca

Located in the neighborhood of Justicia, Chueca is one of the busiest areas of Madrid, both for its good atmosphere and its gastronomic choice. To the north of Gran Vía, Chueca has been for a couple of decades the neighborhood of the homosexual community in Madrid, which gives it a special atmosphere and color, especially during its parties.

In addition to partying, Chueca hosts a large number of restaurants and bars where you can taste exquisite dishes in the heart of Madrid. Unlike other areas such as La Latina, where traditional Castilian food abounds, in Chueca we find mostly original and innovative food, where fusion cuisine occupies a prominent place with D.O. Wines of Madrid.

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Filled with international students, El Tigre is known for the quality of its tapas at unbeatable prices. It is ideal for a cool beer with friends, and dine with their abundant rations.

Hummuseria is a business that will especially appeal to vegetarians and vegans. Located on Calle Hernán Cortés, La Hummuseria offers delicious varieties of this typical Middle Eastern food, undoubtedly an original option to eat in the center of Madrid.

At the Mercado de la Reina you can enjoy an excellent tap vermouth and a summer red made especially with lemon slush. And if you also choose to eat in it, you will discover that its dishes have an exceptional quality, with a special mention to the eggplant in honey delicious!

Esplore offers a wide range of beers and wines, in a cozy and relaxed environment. Highlights the excellent quality of raw materials, as well as the attentive service of its staff, which perfectly combines its concept of avant-garde cuisine.

comer chueca tigre
El Tigre
comer chueca hummuseria
La Hummuseria

The restaurant DSTAGE, winner of the Travelers’ Choice 2016 award, invites diners to live a unique culinary experience from start to finish: fabulous local, exceptional service and unsurpassed menu. If you want to discover a totally new and innovative concept of marriage, you’d better make the reservation and there’s up to five months of waiting list!

House 9 offers quality food at a reasonable price. The menu is not very extensive, but all its dishes are exquisite; and the place and the service perfectly accompany the gastronomic experience.

If you want to eat in a moderately well-decorated place, Kuoco 360 is your best option. This business offers its customers an explosion of flavors from avant-garde Peruvian cuisine. Their dishes are delicious, and the staff happily explains all the options.

Noteolvides is a warm and welcoming restaurant. A few meters from the María Guerrero theater, Noteolvides offers high quality dishes with a careful and friendly treatment. Especially excellent meats, and pasta dishes.

comer chueca noteolvides
comer chueca dstage

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