Eating in the Cies Islands

Eating in the Cies Islands

Three islands form the archipelago of the Cies Islands in the Baixas rivers. Here you can try typical Galician cuisine while enjoying a day at the beach. However, there are not many places to eat in the Cies Islands, so your options are more limited.

If you want to know what to eat in the Cies Islands, an area with only two restaurants and a campsite, you will find classic dishes typical of traditional Galician food. Among their specialties are the Galician octopus in stews and empanadas, fish and seafood, cheeses and Galician meat. You should also try the delicious wine Rias Baixas.

empanada islas cies
festa pulpo
vino rias baixas

The Cies Islands were named the “Islands of the Gods” by Ptolomeo and have been classified as a Natural Protected Space. They are located along the coast of Pontevedra, in front of Vigo, Baiona and Cangas de Morrazo where boats embark daily on their own journey through the islands where, besides beautiful beaches, there is native fauna and flora.

For tapas in the Cies Islands, we recommend Bar Seafín. The raya frita or the salmonetes are the perfect size to share. With a simple cuisine and small variety, if you arrive early you can get a table overlooking the beach.

Bar Serafin
Bar Serafín

The restaurant at the Cies Islands Campsite is perfect for a meal in the Cies Islands. You should keep in mind that it is located in a touristy area, so the prices are more expensive. It has an average menu, without any noteworthy dishes.

As a third and final option we find the Restaurante Rodas. A great local spot to eat empanadas if you don’t want to spend all day carrying around bags of food. Our community of travelers couldn’t decide: to some it has well-priced and quality food and to others it seemed expensive.

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