Eating in Cambados

Eating in Cambados

In the center of the Baixas Rivers is Cambados, the birthplace of Albariño wine. However, its cuisine is not far behind. You can enjoy its seafood and fish directly from the nearby rivers. You can choose between several restaurants and bars where you can try typical dishes from the area. Perfect for enjoying the Cambados cuisine.

Besides good wine you will find many delicacies to eat in Cambados, known as the capital of Albariño wine. Discover the Arousa river where exquisite mollusks, like clams and mussels, are made. However, the star products of this town are the zamburiñas and the scallops. Cambados has three ports and is the only town in Galicia where they permit harvesting scallops. They prepare the scallops in multiple ways, forming an extensive local cook book: with rice, angler fish, in stew or in an empanada at the Festa da Vieira.

percebes cambados
vino cambados
pescado cambados

The Cambados market, in the Tragove fishing port, is supplied with fish and seafood daily from sailors and fishermen in the area. Additionally, this region enjoys a microclimate that pampers the Cambados vegetable gardens where they grow Padrón peppers, green beans, tomatoes and lettuce. But the cuisine in the town would not be complete without its famous wines, under the Rías Baixas certificate of origin. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Fiesta del Albariño, a wine event that has been celebrated for more than 50 years and has been declared a National Tourist Interest. It is currently celebrated for a week at the beginning of August.

In addition to the local specialties, eating in Cambados offers delicious traditional Galician dishes, like the empanada, the lacón con grelos and the Galician octopus. To put the finishing touch on your eating experience, try the wide range of liqueurs produced in the area, among them the Aguardiente de hierbas, the Licor de Hierbas, the classic Licor Café and the mythical Orujo gallego.

Try delicious tapas in Cambados at A Casa da Leña where you will taste delicacies like its tempura crayfish and Padrón peppers. We also recommend its wine.

Restaurante Casa do Lena
A Casa da Leña

Among the many establishments where you can eat in Cambados one that stands out is Yayo Daporta restaurant. It receives its name from its chef who was the winner of Michelín Star in 2008. Located in a historical building with functional furniture, it offers modern Galician cuisine and has a selective wine cellar.

Pandemonium, named in Madrid Fusión as one of the 100 best restaurants serving Spanish cuisine, offers traditional cuisine with a creative touch and has a tapas bar. Their most popular dishes are the habas with octopus and the merluza with spinach.

Inside the Parador de Cambados you can find the Barlovento restaurant, perfect for fish and seafood. The restaurant is very elegant and intimate.

A Posta do Sol, with a lovely terrace overlooking the river, offers great fish and seafood. It also has chef specials made complete with its delicious cheesecake for dessert.

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