Eating in Monforte de Lemos

Eating in Monforte de Lemos

Known as the heart of the Rivera Sacra, Monforte de Lemos has a cuisine full of raw natural ingredients. In Monforte de Lemos you can eat in bars or restaurants, choosing between tapas or a full meal. The best? Enjoy some of the local cheese and wine that we recommend below.

The typical products to eat in Monforte de Lemos are classic Galician dishes like octopus (accompanied by its native potatoes, with I.G.P) and empanada, that in this area is stuffed with sausage and bacon. During hunting season filloas de sangre are prepared. Monforte de Lemos is a hunting area (boar, deer, hares, etc.) and you will find special stews in season on the restaurant menus, as well as trout and eel from the Miño and Sil rivers.

queso tetilla

For dessert, Queso de Tetilla, D.O.P. product or larpeira, bread with cream, a pastry perfect for snacking. You can also buy snacks from bakeries where you can buy different types of bread, with the name of the village where it is made, and empanadas made in a firewood oven. The local wine, with D.O. is the Vino Ribeira Sacra. If you like tapas, in Monforte there are many places that serve tapas free with each drink. Remember that the tapas competition, Cume Tapas, is held annually.

If you visit the Wine Center, in addition to the store having the best wine offerings from Ribeira Sacra, it has a Tapería where you can sample the specials.

To continue with tapas, the bar Kantanga is a great option. For tables it has barrels outside, so you can enjoy a cool breeze. Among all their delicious tapas the empanadillas are the most acclaimed.

The O Grelo restaurant has been worthy of several awards and has a famous wine cellar with more than 4000 wines, including those from its own vineyard. The baked zamburiñas will leave you wanting more.

The restaurant Enxebre de Lemos, at the Parador, serves traditional cuisine with a special touch in presentation. A sure bet is the tixola de arroz con queso tetilla.

The Don Manuel restaurant offers an extensive menu with fish, seafood and meat and it has the ability to hold large celebrations. Its brother restaurant Manuel Bistro offers a more sophisticated and modern cuisine.

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