Eating in Lugo

Eating in Lugo

If you are looking for the best local dishes to order and the best establishments in this city you are in the right place. What do we recommend? Fish and seafood! It will be difficult to choose where to eat in Lugo because there are so many delicious restaurants. We offer a selection of restaurants so you can choose with certainty. Come with us to eat in Lugo!

Declared a World Heritage Site, Lugo is the oldest city in Galicia. Although it is located in the center of Spain, the fish and seafood form an important part of Lugo cuisine. Enjoy the excellent Queso de Tetilla, with D.O.P. products, from ham with turnip tops to the famous Galician octopus. Walk through the Mercado de Abastos and discover Lugo’s farming, hunting and fishing products. Try the delicious Galician veal or pork, both raised in local pastures and very popular in traditional Galician cuisine.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to eat a classic Galician empanada, in its different varieties: zorza (pork chop), bacon, eel or filet, among others. Accompany this tremendous cuisine with a Vino Ribera Sacra, D.O. If you are visiting in mid-June, you might visit the Fiesta de Arde Locus and taste the handmade products in the street market. At the beginning of November, a tapas contest normally takes place in Lugo where they present awards for the most creative tapa, most traditional tapa and the best tapa paired with a local wine. For dessert, they offer the Tarta de Santiago, among other dishes. For after dinner, we recommend an herb liquor, coffee liquor or Galician brandy. Don’t forget to buy Galician honey and chestnuts, all products with I.G.P.

If you opt for tapas you can order a small drink instead of a glass, which is smaller so you can visit more bars. In many local restaurants, the tapas are free and abundant. To eat tapas in Lugo we recommend Vinoteca Casa d’Auga, their tapas are innovative and the staff is very attentive.

Las Cinco Vigas is the perfect place for tapas: with never ending beer and skewers. Everything from the veal to the wine is delicious. You will leave satisfied.

In the bar Via Láctea you will find original tapas at a good price. They are normally very busy, so we suggest going with a lot of time.

In the restaurant Campos, that has won many awards throughout their history, you will also find good tapas, similar to A Nosa Terra

It will be difficult to choose where to eat in Lugo due to the quantity and quality of its establishments. In the restaurant España, that won the “Q” of tourist quality in 2014, they serve traditional cuisine. They have a seasonal menu with game meat and mushrooms.

If you want to eat Lugo’s specials, in the restaurant Paprica, which is also a bar, the chef Álvaro Villasante offers a creative cuisine that changes with seasonal products. Our travel community highlights the scallop maki as a great choice.

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