Eating in Foz

Eating in Foz

Foz offers travelers a wide gastronomic range. Being a coastal town, it has a great variety of seafood that stands out for its high quality and unique flavor, which comes from the fact that fishermen bring their fresh, raw catches directly to restaurants in the area. Eating in Foz offers the possibility of being transported directly to the ocean. You can also choose between a large variety of restaurants and bars where you can eat from a menu in Foz.

Amongst the many seafood products that you can find in the cuisine of Foz, what stand out are the lubrigantes, crabs, nécoras, shrimp, cockles, navajas, and lobster. During the summer that are also delicious celebrations with bonitadas, mussels, and sardines.

comer en o cebreiro
Mesón Antón

The star dish that you have to eat in Foz is their famous stew with bispo (also called cabracho, a kind of fish) as well as other things like octopus, sole, and hake. In addition to the marvels offered by the sea, products from the land are an important part of Foz cuisine: potatoes, pork, beef. Nor can we forget about the soups prepared with fabas, a kind of white bean. And to finish your flavorful meal, there is nothing better than some filloas (crepes) and requesón (cheese curds).

For eating tapas in Foz, we recommend a tapa de chipirones encebollados at Restaurante O’Mar.

comer foz lar
O Lar

The offering of restaurants in Foz is very broad, and what we highlight here are just a few. If you’re indecisive and don’t know if you’d rather have meat or fish, at La Quinta Asador they offer as much of one as they do the other. We especially recommend the seafood and arroces, although all of their dishes will be good.

There is also a large variety of dishes at the restaurant Racimo, with upscale décor, where they offer hake, suckling pig, and many other delicacies. They also have fresh, in-season products.

We finish with the restaurant O Lar, where tasting some of their arroces is a true pleasure, although it’s better to go early or else it may take them a while to serve you.

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