Eating in Camariñas

Eating in Camariñas

Camariñas, the seafaring village of the ‘Costa da Morte’ de A Coruña, stands out for its fishing, which is the main source of wealth in the town. If you love seafood, eating in Camariñas is a great choice. There is an important fishing port and restaurants where you can enjoy catches fresh from the ocean. Do you want to eat in Camariñas?

If your visit to Faro del Cabo Villano has left you exhausted, recuperating your strength with Camariñas cuisine will be your best option. Lovers of good food won’t be disappointed when deciding what to eat in Camariñas. In terms of seafood, Camariñas produces its own barnacles, sea urchins, clams (japónica, babosa and fina), cockles, bígaros, navajas and longqueriones (relatives of navajas). If you want to see how the seafood is prepared, you simply need to go to the area of O Ariño, where the Agrupación de Mariscadoras de Camariñas works. River seafood is also typical: mussels, octopus, nécoras and crab

zorza camarinas
A Voltiña

The town is also a great place for lovers of crafts, particularly the lace made by the famous “palilleiras”. Since 1981, the Mostra do Encaixe de Camariñas has been celebrated at the same time as Holy Week. There they organize tastings of the best local recipes, such as zorza, made with chopped meat and sausage, which you should combine with one of the local wines.

If you go to the weekly sales that take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout the year, you’ll have the opportunity to eat many of the local specialties in Camariñas, especially octopus.

If you want to eat tapas with views at the bar, we recommend the following tapas bars for eating in Camariñas:

Bar A Ría has very good seafood. Portions of exquisite navajas, scallops, octopus… Highly recommended are also the tortillas de patatas, made with a delicious Galician potato.

Café Bar Victoria.Cero has a terrace with overlooking the port of la Ría. They offer typical local food in small portions, so it’s perfect for getting an appetizer.

Café Bar Playa also has a large terrace with views of the ocean, perfect for eating in Camariñas during the summer. They have good tapas and you can order pulpo, pimientos de couto, costillas and, their specialty, a tortilla.

comer camarinas cafe bar playa
Café Bar Playa

There are many places to eat that have a good quality-price ratio in Camariñas. At La Marina, with views of the port, you’ll find a modern restaurant serving traditional cuisine with good fish, shellfish, meats, and polished desserts.

At O Meu Lar, a seafood restaurant, you’ll be able to enjoy great parrilladas and specialties like revuelto de algas and erizos.

Our final recommendation is the restaurant Villa de Oro, close to the Plaza Mayor, if you want to enjoy a delicious arroz con bogavante (rice with lobster).

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