Eating in Amposta

Eating in Amposta

Located under the incredible mountain range of Montsoà and surrounded by beautiful sandy areas, swamps and cultivation fields, Amposta is the main village from the river that was called Íbero by the Greek, but now a days is known as Ebro. This river was a symbol of the prehistoric inhabitants of the Iberic Peninsula. Do you want to know what to eat in Amposta?

Located a few kilometers away from the Delta del Ebro, Amposta has a varied gastronomy that unifies in a perfect way the products from the sea and the agriculture, which is favored by the waters of the River Ebro. The main cultivation of the region is the rice of the Delta del Ebro, but many other vegetables are also popular when eating in Amposta, such as the artichokes and the beans. Between the fruit trees, the Tangerine from the Ebro Lands is the best type. During the month of Ocober, the Gastronomic Journeys of the Rice take place, and during February and March other fairs celebrate the artichoke. As well as in the rest of the coast from Tarragona, the base of the local gastronomy comes from the fishing activity. The restaurants of Amposta offer all kinds of varieties of fish stews, rice and fideuas, apart from other typical dishes from Catalonia, such as the cocas, snails and the Caçots de Valls. Also, the Oil of Baix Ebre-Montsiá and the wine with D.O. Montsant are produced in Amposta.

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The best place to eat some tapas in Amposta is Vintastik, a less formal place where you must eat some of their delicious hamburgers. Our favorite tapa is the patatas bravas, apart from their great wine and beer menu. This is the perfect place to eat in Amposta along with your family and friends.

comer amposta vinastik restaurante
Restaurante Vintastik

There are some places where you can get a great meal in Amposta. First, La Barraca del Delta, the best place in the village to eat a great rice.

Another option to eat in Amposta is the Restaurant Casa de Fusta L’Estany. They prepare a Mediterranean cuisine, homemade and at a great price. They also have a vegan menu.

Finally, La Tancada is a place where you are going to be able to find typical food at a great price. We recommend you to save some space for their homemade and delicious desserts.

comer amposta restaurante carraca delta
Restaurante La Barraca del Delta
comer amposta restaurante casas fusta lestany
Restaurant Casa de Fusta L’Estany

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