Eating in Port Ainé

Eating in Port Ainé

Located in the region of Pallars Sobirá, in the influence area of Rialp and inside of the territory of the natural park of Alt Pirineu, the ski resort of Port Ainé is a modern winter sports complex. Here you will be able to enjoy delicious artisan embutidos (sausage) and try the delicious recipes of the village of Port Ainé.

Even though the years pass by, the gastronomy of places located close to Port Ainé is known for its traditional appearance, based on a surviving cuisine where the ingredients  are seasonal and locally produced. Between the meat, when eating in Port Ainé the most common one if the lamb, specially the breed Xisquea del Pallars, one of the best valued ones in the Catalan Pyrenees. Also, some other meats such as the rabbit and the calf are usually consumed, along with traditional embutidos (sausage) and mushrooms.

The sheep cheese and other seasonal products such as the mushrooms that cover the forests every autumn contribute to increase the culinary richness of the region and complete the catalogue of everything there is to eat in Port Ainé and its surroundings. Regarding the meat, certain specialties are common in the area. For example the cherries with cognac, the caramel-coated nuts and the creams and puddings.

seta port aine

If you want to eat tapas in Port Ainé, there is not really a restaurant where you can get exactly what you are looking for. But if you go to our “A la carte” section you will find some suggestions of generous dishes.

The region of Sort is where the bar El Pas de Telmo is located, a place where you can share portions and quality tapas. The dishes are prepared with great ingredients. In the same region you will find the bar Caprici, which serves pizzas and bocadillos, perfect if you want to have an excellent meal.

Comer Port Aine bar pas telmo
Bar El Pas de Telmo
Comer Port Aine bar caprici
Bar Caprici

The options of places to eat in Point Ainé are famous due to their broad offer and que quality of their propositions. In Rialp you will find the restaurant Àlbus, a place that is well valued and that has a nice and complete menu where the local products are served following a perfect combination of quality and good prices.

Another option when eating in Port Ainé and its surroundings is going up to the region of Sort, where you will find the restaurant Fogony, a place that has won many awards such as a Michelin star. The cuisine of this restaurant is traditional, but they only use quality ingredients, apart from following modern techniques when cooking.

Caprici, also in Sort, is a place that has a menu full od regional specialties. The also have a carte, daily menus and many tapeo propositions.

Another place you could go to if you decide to eat in Sort is Can Puyetes, a popular place of a long and traditional career that is nowadays specialized in grilled meats and other recipes from Pallares.

Comer Port Aine restaurante albus
Restaurante Àlbus
Comer Port Aine restaurante fogony
Restaurante Fogony

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