Eating in Boí Taüll

Eating in Boí Taüll

Located in the middle of the valley Boí, very close to the national park of Aigüestortes i Estany de San Maurici, Boí Taüll Resort is a big winter complex that opened in 1191 and that has the biggest skiable slopes of the Pyrenees. If you are a ski lover that is searching for a place to rest and recover strengths after a long day of exercise, eating in Boí Taüll will be the perfect choice.

When eating in Boí Taüll, it is common to find a gastronomy with a strong mountain essence based in seasonal products that come from activities such as the ranching and the agriculture. Generally, eating in Boí Taüll means being able to taste classical recipes which are usually simple and of a high caloric value, the way the climate of the high mountains demands.

The calf and lamb meats are the most common on the tables of this Pyrenee valley, where it is also frequent to find other meat products such as the traditional embutidos (sausage) which are made from the pork slaughtering and fill the local pantries every winter.

The rivers from the surroundings are a endless source of trout that can be eated fried or roasted. The seasonal products such as the mushrooms are well valued and are used as a part of many recipes throughout the year. Stews, potato stews and other recipes made with earth ingredients complete the offer of everything there is to eat in Roí Taüll.

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If you want to eat in Boí Taüll the best option will be for you to go up to Taüll, where the restaurant Mallador is found. This place has a strong rural charm where a delicious cuisine of simple preparation and local flavor is served, specialized in barbecues, grilled meats and other typical recipes from the valley. It also has a nice terrace, a store and a bar with a chimney. You can get something to drink in their bar, but we also suggest you to try the tasty food from their menu.

When eating in Boí Taüll, the offer of restaurants from the resort and from the ski slopes is complemented with the restaurants that exist in some other small villages from the surroundings.

L’Empriu is a place specialized in toasts. It is also possible to find here a menu with many grilled products and other suggestions of strong local flavor, always made with great quality ingredients.

In the village of Boí you will find Ca La Pepa, a charming restaurant where the cuisine from these valleys of the mountains is transformed into nice and attractive dishes such as the great variety of crepes, which are the main specialty of the house.

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Ca La Pepa

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