Eating in Vallter 2000

Comer en Vallter 2000

The ski resort of Vallter 2000 was inaugurated in 1975, occupying a region from the Pyrenees of Girona, right in the frontier with France and inside of the region of Ripollès. Skiing and eating in Valet 2000 will make you have an amazing day.

The traditional cuisine that we are able to find in the region of Vallter 2000 is strongly influenced by the climate and the landscape, two factors that along with the mountain tradition of taking advantage of the earth products, have been the pillars for the cuisine of the area for centuries. The ranching, hunt, agriculture and the harvesting of fruit and mushrooms are the base for everything there is to see in Vallter 2000.

Between all of the meats, the grilled calf, the roasted lamb, the hunting meat and the traditional embutidos (sausage) made with the pork meat are the most popular. Also, the trout from the rivers of the Pyrenees is very frequent when eating in Vallter 2000 and its surroundings. The cheese of sheep and goat, the snails and some fish of good conservation, such as the cod, complete the gastronomic offer of the Camprodón valley, where Vallter 2000 is located.

carne cordero

The best place to eat something quick or a small tapa in Vallter 2000 is going to some of the restaurants you will find in the ski slopes. If you want something that will fill you more, go to the “A la carte” section.

Even if the ski resort has some great restaurant services, the region of Setcases is where the biggest part of the restaurants of Vallter 2000 and its surroundings are located. CanJepet is a highly valued place that offers a proposition based on the traditional food from these valleys of the Pyrenees, always made using first quality ingredients and following techniques from the new cuisine.

La Taverneta is a classic place from the region that has won its fame thanks to a proposition that is based on the strong tradition of the Catalan mountains, serving dishes that follow traditional techniques and using seasonal products.

Another place you should consider in Setcases is L’Esquella, a nice place that offers a simple menu with generous food that prepares traditional dishes. They follow the recipes of the region in a genuine and honest way.

comer vallter lesquella
comer vallter taverneta
La Taverneta
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Can Jepet

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