Eating in Vall de Núria

Eating in Vall de Núria

The valley of Nuria is located in a mountain landscape of the region of Girona; a place of a strong historical and patrimonial importance and famous for its natural beauty and for the symbolic significance of its sanctuary. A ski resort is located right in the middle of this scenario. If your want to know what to eat in Vall de Núria, come with us! We will only recommend the best.

Everything there is to eat in Vall de Núria is related to the reality of a natural region where some traditional activities such as the hunt, ranching and agriculture have been the pillars to a cuisine based on the self-sufficiency and the use of the products from the earth.

The calf and lamb meats are the most consumed ones in this area, without forgetting about some others such as the poultry and the pork, used to produce a delicious selection of artisan embutidos (sausage) such as the longanizas, butifarras and chorizos.

Between the land products, probably the mushrooms from the forests of the valley are the most important ingredients to the local cuisine. Also, the elaboration of cheese and honey, made from the sheep, cows and goat, is very important.


The options of tapeo start with Petit, a small café-bar located in Ribes de Freser. They have good prices and every Thursday the tapas only cost 1 Euro! You can also eat in the ski resort of Vall de Núria, in a restaurant called Lam Caseta del Llac.

comer vall nuria caseta llanc
Bar La Caseta del Llac

It is possible to find all kinds of restaurants to eat in Vall de Nuria. La Cabaña del Pastros belongs to the hotel Vall de Núria. This restaurant prepares traditional food and is located close to the ski slopes. At the region of Queralbs you will find El Racó de Cal Litus, a popular place where a specialized and traditional menu is served in a welcoming ambiance that only allows a few people to eat in it.

Another good option when eating in Vall de Núria is driving up to Ribes de Freser, where you will find excellent restaurants such as La Perdiu Blanca, where a market cuisine is cooked and the dishes change according to the seasons. It offers a special and a tasting menu. The restaurant Can Sarts is specialized in the typical food from the region, such as the roasted meat, the artisan embutidos, the hunt meats and the kid from Ripollés.

The restaurant of the hotel Caçadors is a place that has became one of the trending spots of the area. Their menu is full of classical propositions where the main ingredients are chosen in order to create detailed dishes that make a delicious and delicate gastronomy.

comer vall nuria perdiu blanca
Restaurante La Perdiu Blanca
comer vall nuria raco cal liltus
Restaurante El Racó de Cal Litus

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