Eating in Roses

Eating in Roses

Located in the South from the cape of Creus, the village of Roses is an important touristic center of the Costa Brava thanks to its natural beauty, where it is possible to find amazing beaches and coves of great quality. This tourism has contributed to the development of the restaurant offer. If you want to know what to eat in Roses come with us! We will recommend you the best places.

When eating in Roses, the fresh fish from the coast are the main product in the kitchens of the town. The fishing harbor is a daily source of monkfish, hake, anchovies, gilt-head bream, read sea bream and all kinds of species that are very popular in Roses. With these types the famous suquet de peix is made, a traditional stew made with fish and potatoes and especially well valued in this region. Regarding the meats, the calf from the interior ranching is the most consumed meat here, even though the embutidos (sausage) from Girona are also important when eating in Roses. Between the desserts, the specialties of the area are the buñuelos and the rocs from Montjoi. The wines of L’Empordà, made in the region, are a great choice to drink while enjoying the famous gastronomic products from Roses. And to complete this experience, order a glass of cremat, a traditional drink made with black rum, cinnamon, lime and coffee.

carne buey

If you are looking for a good place to eat some tapas in Roses, the village has great options such as Pata Negra, a restaurant that serves tapas and good cocktails and where the portions are generous; and Vermut, a classical place that is very popular between the inhabitants of Roses.

comer roses bar vermut
Bar Vermut
comer roses bar pata negra
Bar Pata Negra

It is possible to find food places to eat in Roses. Els Brancs is one of the most popular restaurants in the city, a place that has been recognized with a Michelin star and that offers an avant-garde cuisine with a Mediterranean base that uses quality, local products.

Sabores is another great place to eat in Roses. The food of this place can be ordered thought their carte, menu and gastronomic menu, and is based in a traditional cuisine with interesting contemporary touches.

In the restaurant La Croqueta a classical gastronomy is prepared, with grilled meat as one of the main specialties and the croquetas as the most popular dish – as the name of the place indicates.

comer roses restaurante blancs
Restaurante Els Brancs
comer roses restaurante sabores
Restaurante Sabores
comer roses restaurante croqueta
Restaurante La Croqueta

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