Eating in Ripoll

Eating in Ripoll

Ripoll is the home of one of the most beautiful and important Medieval abbeys of the Iberic Peninsula. It has recovered from the robberies that it suffered during the 19th and 20th Centuries and it keeps being surrounded by a wonderful landscape. Come with us and discover the best places to eat in Ripoll.

The gastronomy of Ripoll owns its essence to the old traditional recipes from this Catalan region of the Pyrenees. It is a classical cuisine based on the use of natural and autochthonous products that has, little by little, open itself to more contemporary propositions. The most consumed meats are the roasted lamb, colt, and the grilled calf, the hunting meat stews and the artisan embutidos (sausage).

With the ingredients taken from the vegetable gardens and the mushrooms and berries taken from the surroundings, all kinds of escudellas, escalibadas and other recipes from the Catalan traditional gastronomy are prepared. The milk from the ranching is used to produce cheese and other dairy products that can be transformed into desserts and served with, for example, local honey. Regarding the sweets, the Caricias de Ripoll or Moixaines are very popular, a type of bonbon made with sugar, milk and almond. Another specialty is the Postre de Músico, prepared with nuts and muscatel.

plato ripoll
setas rellenas
escudella vilanova geltru

Taverneta is the best option to eat tapas in Ripoll. This welcoming restaurant prepares delicious pinchos and is a meeting place for all types of groups. They have children’s books and during the weekends the restaurant becomes a pub with music.

comer ripoll bar taverneta
Bar La Taverneta

There are some great places to eat in Ripoll. First, the Brasería Grill El Molí, where you can eat a spectacular calf large steak. Secondly, the Restaurant Els Amigos, a place that offers homemade, tasty and traditional food.  We recommend making a reservation as it is usually packed.

comer ripoll braseria grill moli
Brasería Grill El Molí
comer ripoll restaurante amigos
Restaurant Els Amigos

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