Eating in Besalú

Eating in Besalú

Located in the Pyrenean foothills and above a small hill surrounded by two rivers, this beautiful medieval village is known for its market and the fair that has been celebrated for more than a thousand years. Also, eating in Besalú means having access to many traditional recipes of Catalonia. Are you coming with us?

Besalú is a small municipality that has a strong medieval ausence, apart from a classic gastronomy based on its local products. The ranching and agriculture are the base to a cuisine that follows the traditional recipes of the interior regions of Catalonia. The vegetable gardens of Besalú and its surroundings have a great quality and are nationally recognized. The lmab and the pork are the two most popular meats in the region; the first one is usually roasted and the second one in the shape of pork paws or the famous artisan embutidos.

Other hunt meats such as the wild boar are also very frequent and usually used to prepare stews that can be served with seasonal mushrooms. In the region of Besalú the popular product of Ratafía Catalana with I.G.P. is produced – this is a liquor made with the maceration of green nuts, even though some aromatic plants can also be used. It is usually served after meals, as a digestive liquor, as a appetizer or as a night drink. During the month of December the Feria de la Ratafía is celebrated, and in September another gastronomic fair takes place, the Tastets Medievals, when the ancient cooking of the village is remembered.

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If you decide to eat in Besalú, we recommend you to visit our “A la carte” section, as there are not enough options to eat tapas in the village.

The restaurant of Castell de Besalú is a perfect place to order some canelones, a salad or even a dish of meat. And the stuffed piquillo peppers are delicious! This is a restaurant that has a varied menu, with a menu for lunch and dinner, and an extremely welcoming service. Great prices and a beautiful terrace.

Another option to eat a la carte in Besalú is Cal Tronc, a charming restaurant. With a very ellaborated menu and an innovative presentation of the dishes, we recommend the scallop shell puff pastry. They also have a daily menu and many options to choose from, with dishes such as the rice with calamari and cuttlefish, the kid covered in honey and the coca de escalivada.

Curia Reial is a restaurant that has some amazing views to the sea and an excelent selection of traditional dishes, even though they are very simple.

comer besalu restaurante curia reial
Restaurante Curia Reial
comer besalu restaurante castell
Restaurante Castell de Besalú
comer besalu restaurante cal tronc
Restaurante Cal Tronc

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