Eating in Sant Cugat del Vallés

Eating in Sant Cugat del Vallés

Located in the western Vallés and right next to the Sierra de Collserolla, Sant Cugat has the name of the powerful medieval abbey that ruled it until 1814. Nowadays, this place is perfect to try new quality Catalan recipes, reason why you won’t regret eating in Sant Cugat del Vallés and in its bars and restaurants. 

Located in an important area of Barcelona, Sant Cugat del Valles has slowly developed a unique identity where the gastronomy plays a great part in. The fertile lands of the Southern Province of the region of the western Vallés are the main source of ingredients for the town. Between the plantations the most important ones are the legumes, such as the cigró menut (small chickpea) and specially the Mongeta del Ganxet, a product with D.O.P.. This white and small bean has a great popularity in this municipality, and it is present in many different dishes and recipes.

Generally, the restaurants of Sant Cugat del Vallés offer a menu based in the typical Catalan recipes, where sea products and other specialties such as the cocas, the snails, the meat – such as the lamb and calf – and the traditional embutidos (sausage) are always present. The city is also well known for its wine production.

pan tumaca sant cugat
plato sant Cugat Valles

When eating tapas and portions in Sant Cugat del Vallés, Smart Bar is a great choice: a modern place with highly elaborated dishes. They have daily dishes and delicious combinations such as their hamburger with guacamole.

The cafe Belgrado will allow you to enjoy moments of live music and a delicious tuna tartar. Their green calamari rice is also delicious. You will be able to taste their dishes in the interior of the restaurant or in their terrace.

Labarra Cugat is another modern restaurant where clients can enjoy a broad pinchos counter and drinks with style.

Comer Sant Cugat Valles smart bar
Smart Bar
Comer Sant Cugat Valles cafe belgrado
Café Belgrado

The restaurant Masía Can Vilallonga is a great place to eat in Sant Cugat del Vallés. Try their delicious coca de escalivada and grilled asparagus. This is a restaurant with a good menu of meat and fish.

At the restaurant La Bolera you will find many different dishes, from grilled mushrooms and legumes to delicious meats. They serve huge portions. If you love barbecues… this is your place!

At the Can Cortés you will find portions and all kinds of menus. The dishes here are made with earth products, and they offer traditional recipes, such as the escalivada.

Comer Sant Cugat Valles restaurante masia can vilallonga
Restaurante Masía Can Vilallonga
Comer Sant Cugat Valles restaurante braseria bolera
Restaurante Brasería La Bolera

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