Eating in Cardona

Eating in Cardona

A village surrounded by a fortress and by salt deposits, Cardona is known for being the home of one of the gems of the Catalan Romanic: the Colegiata de San Vicente. Apart from this, the gastronomy will surprise you with a rich and broad offer of quality flavors.

Cardona is a small village with an incredible patrimony, such as the medieval castle and the old salt deposits. The gastronomy is strongly conditioned by the river Cardener and the existence of a rich vegetable garden which produces ingredients that are used in the whole region of Bages. Legumes and vegetables such as the famous Tomato Rosa del Cardener are the base of a cuisine related to the ancient country side livestyle.

The strong argriculture tradition is present in the typical recipes, apart from other specialties such as the snails, grilled meat and the artisan embutidos (sausage). The seasonal mushrooms are also very present in every kitchen, and one of the most popular ones is the llanera. To drink, nothing better than a cup of wine D.O. Pla de Bages, D.O. Cataluña or the blackberry liquor Capricho del Cardener, produced in the region.

tomates cardona
caracoles alaitza

Let’s go eat some tapas! If you want to eat in Cardona tasty food, you are lucky. The bar Avenida offers homemade food, such as patatas bravas or embutidos. El Centru is perfect if you want to have something to drink and if you want to bring your children, as the square is right next to it and you can keep an eye on them while you eat a delicious tapa.

comer cardona bar avenida
Bar Avenida

If you want to eat a la carte in Cardona, El Petit Perico is one of those small but charming places you should go to. Quality food with great dishes such as the cod with cherries.

La Premsa is located in a beautiful place, which is even better at night. We recommend their chuletón (large stake) or the foie bonbons. Choose whatever you like from the many options available in their menu.

If you want to eat a delicious menu in Cardona, go to La Volta del Rector, as they have a very original one. If you decide to order a la carte, follow the chef suggestions and you won’t be disappointed.

comer cardona restaurante volta rector
La Volta del Rector
comer cardona premsa
La Premsa
comer cardona petit perico
El Petit Perico

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