Eating in Benavente

Eating in Benavente

Benavente, a crossroads between the meseta and the tierras del norte, is located in the Zamora province. There is a popular saying that goes: “Benavente, good village and better people”. But what do they say about the food in Benavente? We can confirm that eating in Benavente will be just as good. Its delicious beef will satisfy any palate.

The rivers and valleys of this region have transformed it into fertile land with fresh gardens that supply food for every table. In the case of the Benavente pepper, you can eat it fresh, roasted, fried, canned or stuffed. It can be filled with meat, cod or seafood. The pepper is celebrated at the regional fair that takes place every year at the end of September.

If you want to know other specialties to eat in Benavente, the Sanabria beef stews stand out, as well as the roasts, tostón, suckling pig and lamb.

It is also typical to eat pigeons, in stews with brandy and carrots, trout, crab, frog legs, and crayfish, all served with spicy or American tomato sauce.

Among the legumes, you will find the Lenteja Pardina de Tierra de Campos, the Garbanzo de Fuentesaúco and the Alubia de la Bañeza-León, all with I.G.P.

You can accompany these dishes with a Zamorano cheese, with D.O.P. and a variety of wines with D.O., such as Arribes, Tierra del Vino de Zamora, Toro, and Valles de Benavente.

During the festivals of Toro Enmaromado, visit the Prairie Mineral Fountain where they have a giant picnic to sample the local cured meats.

As for pastries, trythe typical ‘feos’- sweets with almond and eggs- and sweets made by Saint Bernard mothers like the tartas del císter and capuchina.

pimientos benavente

If you want to eat tapas in Benavente you can start at the Plaza del Grano where you will find the Taberna del Bode. It has a good reputation for stupendous tapas, especially their croquetas!

In Plaza Mayor,Café y Tapas Lupys is popular. They offer great service and a variety of tapas. The blood sausage empanadillas, mushroom and pepper roasts, and cod are noteworthy.

Finally, the Mesón del Abuelo serves tapas in a cozy location. In its bar, you will find the famous Benavente peppers, blood sausage, sausage and meat.

comer benavente meson abuelo
Mesón del Abuelo
comer benavente cafe tapas lupys
Café y Tapas Lupys

Among the restaurants to eat in Benavente, El Ermitaño stands out. It is located in an old manor house and servesan updated Castilian cuisine. It has great food at an affordable price. The restaurant Conde Pimentel in the Parador de Benavente offers traditional cuisine in a charming space with beautiful views.

Finally, a more affordable option is the Mesón El Pícaro where you can eat stupendous stews or quality regional meat.

Restaurante El Ermitaño
Restaurante El Ermitaño
Conde Pimentel
Conde Pimentel

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