Eating in Olmedo

Eating in Olmedo

Olmedo known as the village of the seven sevens, consists of seven villages, seven gateways, seven convents, seven churches, seven plazas, seven rivers and seven lineages. This town, of Mudejar origin, can still be appreciated and those who love sweets will love its famous pastries. So, do not leave without eating one of Olmedo’s delicious desserts.

Specializing in pastries, Olmedo offers many possibilities for even the toughest critics. If you want to know what to eat in Olmedo, they are famous for the ‘cagadillas de gato’ or rosquillas de aceite sprinkled with powdered sugar and made in private houses during Holy Week. There is also an extensive variety of handmade cakes and nougat.

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A few years ago, the bakery Frías created a new sweet called the ‘mudejaritos’ or mantecados with ground almonds, to mark the opening of the Mudéjar Theme Park. Other sweets are the ‘tortón de mosto’ and the ‘delicias del caballero’, coated with toasted meringue icing and aniseed used to decorate the dessert.

We also recommend the exquisite roasted lamb from Valladolid that takes between two and four hours to make. Other typical meats in the region, due to the ingrained tradition of hunting, are the soups and stews with partridges and quail. Enjoy the great wine offerings with D.O. especially the Tierra de León, Toro, Cigales and Rueda.

If you want to eat tapas in Olmedo, we recommend the following places. First, El Caballero de Olmedo grill has a ‘carta de picoteo’ where they offer: blood sausage with sweet peppers, cured sheep cheese, and garlic shrimp, among many things.

In Plaza Mayor is La Lobera where you can eat delicious tapas in Olmedo. The meat used for their hamburgers is good, but you can also find potato tortilla here. At the Restaurante del Rincón Mudéjar you should order the scrambled blood sausage or croquetas. Finally, Jimeno Factoría is a good place to eat tapas in Olmedo. They have delicious cheese croquetas and blood sausage with foie and piñones.

El Caballero de Olmedo
El Caballero de Olmedo
Jimeno Factoría

El Caballero de Olmedo grill is located in the old San Francisco Convent. It offers Castilian cuisine like lamb, grilled meats and fish. They have a spacious dining room, an original wine cellar and a spacious terrace and garden.

In La Cuchara de Jaime they make market cuisine in a mansion with a garden and great spaces for celebrations. In the Mesón Mariano they prepare a delicious roasted lamb and homemade desserts.

If you like sweets, visit Frías, a vintage bakery that has been open since 1899. Now it is run by fourth generation family members who continue to craft handmade cakes and pastries.

La Cuchara de Jaime
La Cuchara de Jaime
Mesón Mariano

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