Eating in Pedraza de la Sierra

Eating in Pedraza de la Sierra

Eating at a magical medieval enclave is a uique gastronomic adventure. Roasted lamb is the star dish of the town so ordering it at its restaurants will be easy and almost an obligation. Anyway, if you prefer something different, legumes are also a popular option. Enjoying Pedraza‘s restaurants and taberns will be a great culinary pleasure.

Eating in Pedraza is very special due to its medieval charm perfectly preserved. Pedraza, together with Sepúlveda is internationally the head of the roasted lamb. Roast lovers will love to know that most of the restaurants follow the classic recipe step by step (leaving the lamb in the wood oven for hours). If roasts are not for you you can order grilled baby lamb ribs with salad!

cordero asado segovia
Cordero Asado
soplillos tahona
Soplillos de tahona

Another option for winter are the garlic soups and the white beans stews done with Judiones de la Granja. It is also possible to find dishes with mushrooms from the area and if every restaurant is full you can eat raciones. Cheeses and embutidos from the Killing of the Pig (a local festivity) are the best option. To end up, the traveller should know that the most typical dessert is the ponche segoviano or the soplillos.

If you wish to try some delicious tapas and raciones you can go to La Taberna de Mariano. Cheese and chorizo are their specialities and you can enjoy them nearby their fireplace.

At the restaurant El Soportal they will bring you delicious tapas along with your drink. The terrace has perfect views to the main square.

comer pedraza taberna mariano
Taberna de mariano
comer pedraza restaurante soportal
Restaurante el soportal

It will be hard for you to choose where to eat in Pedraza de la Sierra. In most of these restaurants you have to book in advanced and some of them don’t offer dinners so pay attention!

The Mesón de Máximo Manrique is a small restaurat that has preserved its original style: continuos benches where they only offer a main dish, roasted baby lamb with salad. You’ll be able to find lots of desserts. The history of the place makes it special as almost a century ago, Maximo Manrique went to Pedraza so many times that he ended up building his own inn.

In the main square we find the restaurant El Soportal. It is managed by the owner, Pedro Martín and they offer lots of different dishes such as judiones and roasted pig, and it gives the option to order a children menu.

Family atmosphere, low prices and quality food characterise El Corral de Joaquina. This bar is one of the most popular among the locals and there must be a reason for that!

La Olma mixes traditional cuisine with seasonal recipes and modern techniques under the guidelines of the chef Sergio. If you are a sweet lover you should visit their bakeries where you will fing regional pastries and some “preñados de chistorra”.

comer pedraza bodegon manrique
Bodegon Manrique
comer pedraza corral joaquina
El corral de joaquina

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