Eating in La Pinilla

Eating in La Pinilla

The hunting meats and the roasted cochinillo are the most representative dishes if you are looking for the local traditional recipes. Also, its sweets and desserts are the best way to finish your meal in this great gastronomy village. Enjoy these possibilities in the restaurants and bars where you can find, above all, some great menus.

The traditional gastronomy from Segovia is the major key to the question of what you should eat in La Pinilla and its surroundings. The lamb is one of the best dishes of the village, and it is slowly roasted with water and salt in a wood oven. Another typical meals of this place are the roasted cochinillo, the hunting meats, the grilled steak and some fishes such as the trout, the cod and the conger eel.

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The artisan sausages made of pork are also very famous. Regarding the desserts, it is frequent to find the amarguillos (typical from Riaza), the tortas de chicharrones and the tortas sobadas, all of them recommended as a dessert if you are eating in La Pinilla and its surroundings.

If you want to eat some tapas and have something to drink go to the bar Espejo, in Riaza. This is the perfect place to enjoy some pinchos and a beer along with a tapa, such as their tasty torreznos.

comer pinilla bar espejo
Bar Espejo

When eating in La Pinilla, some of its surroundings also offer some great restaurants and bars. In Riaza you will find the restaurant La Porticada, a place where it is possible to find from roasted lechazo to a huge variety of contemporary dishes.

The Asador Matimore, in the same village, is another good option to eat in La Pinilla thanks to its menu, specialized in regional dishes such as the barbecues and the platos de cuchara, always cooked with quality ingredients.It is located in the Plaza Mayor and the morcilla (blood sausage) is one of their most popular dishes.

You will also find La Taurina in Riza, a classic place where many traditional recipes are cooked in a familiar and humble ambiance. Perfect to eat kid meat or a great Castilian soup.

A bit further away from the station, in the village of Santo Tomas del Puerto, the hotel Mirasierra has a restaurant that uses regional products to make barbecues and stews. This is another good option to try in La Pinilla and its surroundings.

comer pinilla asador matimore
Asador Matimore
comer maderuelo hotel mirasierra
Hotel Mirasierra

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