Eating in Ledesma

Eating in Ledesma

It will take you half a day to wander the town of Ledesma in the province of Salamanca. It’s a place where the stones used in constructing the buildings are of great historical importance, so much so that they will transport you to different a time period. If you want to know what to eat after your visit, here’s what we recommend.

If you want to know what to eat in Ledesma, in its restaurants you’ll find regional specialties like “patatas maneás” with torreznos or stews of Lenteja de la Armuña, a legume that has I.G.P.

In Ledesma you can also eat fried River Tench, Maruja salad and thistle mushrooms.

In terms of meat, roasts are typical, most commonly suckling pig, as well as stews with rabbit or smaller game meats like partridge and hare.

It’s mandatory that you try the morucha meat (beef) and the embutido sausages, especially prepared in an empanada, as is done with the hornazo.

lentejas ledesma
ensalada maruja
rosquillas ledesma

There are good wines in the area like Arribes, Sierra de Salamanca and Tierra del Vino de Zamora, all with Denomination of Origin.

Perhaps the most famous product to eat in Ledesma are the rosquillas leseminas. These donuts are small in size and prepared artisanally at Rosquillas Ledesminas G.D.G. They also make perronillas, mantecaos, magdalenas de nata, almendrados, roscas fritas, periquillos and bizcochos. A whole range of delicacies!

Why not try the exquisite local gastronomy in small portions? Eating tapas in Ledesma will allow you to do so.

At Restaurante las Ventas you can get tapas with a wide variety of options. The place stands out for its homemade food and good prices, which is why it’s also recommendable to order from the larger menu.

Restuarante Las Cadenas has a tapas bar that’s perfect for eating something along with a glass of beer or wine, and the restaurant service is also very good.

Another option for eating in Ledesma is Bar Fera, experts in tapas with very kind service.

Restaurante las Ventas
Restaurante las Ventas
Restaurante Las Cadenas
Restaurante Las Cadenas

Among the different places to eat in Ledesma we highlight Las Fernandicas, granddaughters of Fernando and daughters of Fernandico. It’s one of the last remaining examples remaining in Spain where traveling salesmen and mule drivers stop. They offer authentic rural and pastoral gastronomy in a family environment. The food is homemade, and we recommend the fried potatoes or tostón frito. For dessert they give you a table full of cheeses, all of which are served with quince.

La Posada del Bleto, in addition to being a hostel, has a good restaurant where we highlight the scrambled eggs with ham or farinato, which is much more typical to the region.

Finally, Restaurante La Nena is where you’ll find food with good reviews and an economical price.

Las Fernandicas
Las Fernandicas
La Posada de Bleto
La Posada de Bleto

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