Eating in Bejar

Eating in Bejar

Bejar, in the province of Salamanca, is a place with a lot of history known for its textile industry. Eating in Bejar is an interesting experience, particularly because of its delicious Jamón de Guijuelo with Denomination of Origin. Here are the tapas bars and restaurants where you can eat in Bejar.

Bejar is a city full of unique traditions and customs. If you want to know what you absolutely have to eat in Bejar, you’ll need to try the famous Jamón de Guijuelo, a product with D.O.P., as well as other sausages.

The local cuisine has strong Jewish and Arab influences, which have given rise to a varied and flavorful gastronomy. The best dish of the locality is the “bejarano calderillo”, a beef stew with potatoes, peas, onion, pepper and laurel.

Other dishes are lamb steak or shoulder in the Bejar style, as well as the cod a la bejarana. Like in other Salamanca towns, the hornazo is typical, but in Bejar it is stuffed only with chorizo.

hornazo bejar

In Bejar you can also eat potatoes with torreznos, garlic, and onion, seasoned with laurel, paprika, parsely, cloves and chili.

If you like salads you can have the zorongollo, of Extremadura origin, based in tomato, pepper, onion, boiled egg and tuna; “lemons” with boiled egg, paprika, garlic, orange and lemon…; or the “poplar salad”, a plant with yellow petals.

Wash down this gastronomic experience with the large variety of wines produced in the region, like the wine from Arribes, Sierra de Salamanca, or Tierra del Vino de Zamora, all with Denomination of Origin.

To finish your meal in Bejar, we recommend the local artisanal pastries like cookies calles perrunillas and the “huesillos de Bejar”.  You can also find honey from Valero, a small town just 35km away.

Within the small municipality of Bejar we recommend some of the tapas bars.

Firstly, you can go to Café Bar Eladio, where we recommend the tapas from the grill.

Mesón Antonio offers food without pretensions but of high quality. It’s perfect for eating tapas or ordering a daily combination menu as a family.

Another recommendation is Banei, with tapas of good quality and quantity. The torreznos tapa really stands out.

comer bejar bar san antonio
Bar Antonio

It’s difficult to recommend one single place to eat in Bejar, so here we highlight several of the local restaurants.

First there is Casa Sindo where they offer traditional homemade cuisine with natural ingredients and creative touches. The baby goat and sardines are recommendable.

La Plata serves traditional cuisine with Iberian products; in addition to the dining room, they have an area for tapas and small plates.

Mesón el Bosque has good options and stands out for serving homemade food ranging from typical egg scrambles to the more unusual stuffed mushrooms, as well as lamb chops.

Finally, La Cerrallana is a place to eat in Bejar with some fascinating views of the Bejarano landscape. It has an area for tapas, a large elegant dining room and a terrace.

Casa Sindo
Casa Sindo
La Cerrallana
La Cerrallana

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