Eating in Palencia

Eating in Palencia

Game meats and soups with strong flavors are perfect options if you want to eat in Palencia. Always paired with some embutidos and cheese as an appetizer! The best part of eating in Palencia is the wide variety of restaurants and bars, among which you can choose according to your taste. Tapas, a la carte, or enjoying a nice daily menu…You choose.

If you want a recommendation regarding what to eat in the capital city of Palencia, the most famous local dish is roast lamb. It is worth noting the quality of the meats in this region, all with the denomination Carnes de Cervera, which ensures the quality and naturalness of the meat in the region of the Montaña Palentina. Small game is also present on the menus of most restaurants, in the form of stews with quail, partridge, hare and rabbit.

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Another typical dish is the albada soup, with palentino bread, as well as the garlic soup and the Castilian soup (typical to the Castile-Leon region), which are prominent especially in fall and winter. Other dishes are vegetable menestra with beef from the northern mountains, chicken stew, jijas, fried embutidos (a kind of sausage) and other various recipes with snails and crabs. The town also has good sheep cheeses like those of Astudillo and Baltanás.

The typical desserts of the region are fried milk, almond cake, tocino de cielo (similar to flan), hojuelas with honey, and also the famous rosquillas de palo (pastry in the shape of a large ring). The Vino Cigales or, if you prefer, the Vino Arlanza could be a nice accompaniment with these treats, both with Denomination of Origin. If you visit the city of Palencia in April, you might be there for the Fiesta de Santo Toribio de Astorga.

If you’re someone who prefers to have tapas, at La Traserilla they have an assorted bar with canapés and pinchos. Perfect for trying distinct tapas. The asador Le Encina also has a bar with pinchos that is very well organized. If you’re looking to have a drink and enjoy a cozy atmosphere, this is your place.

At the bar El Patio de mi Casa, you’ll find tapas and hamburgers, a casual place with few pretensions.

La Traserilla
Asador La Encina

Here we highlight a few of the recommendable options where you can eat in Palencia. At the restaurant-asador La Encina, they roast churro lamb in their adobe oven with oak wood; traditional cuisine and fish from the Bay of Biscay. The callos con morro, mero fish and the ribeye steak…fantastic!

In a house built in the early nineteenth century, which maintains its original state, La Traserilla serves popular Palentinian dishes and other modern versions; they offer a few distinct atmospheres: a Castilian cellar as well as a dining room on the ground floor. In Isabel you’ll find a familiar place with traditional food.

At the Taberna Plaza Mayor, you can eat delicious stuffed peppers and croquettes. Perfect for eating a la carte as well as tapas, with good wines. Depending on the day, you will leave more or less content.

If you’re looking for a real experience, Tas-Tas will satisfy all of you culinary desires. This restaurant has a family atmosphere with a full menu as well as smaller portions.

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