Eating in La Bañeza

Eating in La Bañeza

La Bañeza is an interesting city in the southern region of the province of Leon. It stands out for its open and festive spirit during the Carnavales, a festival that the town has never stopped celebrating, even in times of prohibition. You can’t go to La Bañeza without eating the famous frog legs. The tapas bars and restaurants will not disappoint.

 If you want advice regarding what to eat in La Bañeza, we encourage you to be daring and try the famous frog legs, which have become an essential dish in the Bañanean cuisine because of their unique and delicious flavor. The success of this dish is due to the traditional ingredients with which it is prepared. To prepare the local red sauce they use: olive oil, salt, paprika and garlic, and serve it in a clay pot in the classic Castilian style.

In terms of alubias, which have recently earned I.G.P. Alubias de La Bañeza-Leon, you can try them traditionally prepared“a la bañezana” or incorporated into a more innovative dish, indicating their versatility.

alubias baneza
ancas rana baneza
torrijas baneza

Accompany your food in La Bañeza with the amazing wines of the region that have denomination of origin, among which the Bierzo and Tierra de León stand out.

La Bañeza has always been known for its sweets prepared in the different confectionaries of the municipality. You can taste the almond “imperiales”, the chocolate truffles, the yemas tostadas or the pastas de San Blas (a kind of small cookie), among others. Additionally, during the Carnaval you’ll find a great variety of sweets to eat in La Bañeza such as orejas, rosquillas en aceite, “dominós” and torrijas. Before Holy Week, the confectionaries prepare the “buns of San Lázaro”, and during the week itself typical desserts include candied almonds and Bañanean lemonade, a drink made from wine, raisins, sugar, cinnamon and lemon that’s prepared in a clay pitcher. Also, during Christmas they make different kinds of turron.

 If you want to get tapas in La Bañeza, there are various options. Below we give our selections.

You can start your walk through the tapas bars in La Bañeza at La Mejillonera, close to the Plaza Mayor. There you’ll find, as its name indicates, mussels (mejillones) and also the famous huevo encapotado. Next door you’ll find Sport Bar, a place with distinct atmospheres perfect for having a beer in their “chill out” area. If you’re hungry, they offer enormous sandwiches. There is also the Bar San Francisco, near the town hall, where they serve tasty pinchos and a particularly good tortilla. Finally, you can try the Bar D’María.

Sport Bar
Bar San Francisco

Here we highlight a few establishments where you can eat in La Bañeza. Next to the Plaza Mayor you’ll find the Casa de Comidas Moja El Gallo, an unusual space with medieval decor that offers an extensive menu of traditional food, meats and various fish; they have large dining rooms appropriate for celebrations.

At the restaurant Paco Rubio, who was also the head chef ad the hotel Palace of Madrid, you’ll find updated Leon cuisine in a family-friendly atmosphere.

The restaurant Museo del Barro occupies a rehabilitated wine cellar with more than centuries of antiquity; they serve traditional León cuisine and their specialties include tortilla guisada, grilled meat and frog legs.

If you’ve arrived via car to visit La Bañeza, you can go to El Capricho, a restaurant situated in a cave in the village of Jiménez de Jamuz (5.2 km). Their specialty is the beef steak prepared by grill-master José Gordón; the restaurant also has an online shop.

Restaurante Museo del Barro
Restaurante de Paco Rubio

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