Eating in El Burgo Ranero

Eating in El Burgo Ranero

El Burgo Ranero is a tiny municipality of León with almost 800 inhabitants. If you’re wondering what to eat in this town, you’re probably a traveler, since it is a stop along the Camino Francés. Although the culinary offering is not extensive, we can recommend a few bars and restaurants that certainly won’t disappoint you when eating in El Burgo Ranero.

If you’re looking for something to eat in El Burgo Ranero, you should keep in mind that the local gastronomy is characterized as varied and rich. In the local kitchens you can’t miss the legumes, especially the garbanzos, which are used to make delicious stews, as well as the beans, a main ingredient in exquisite dishes like the stewed beans with blood sausage, with pig’s ear or hoof, blood sausage, and potatoes. As you can see, the products resulting from pig slaughter are another indispensable element in the local cuisine.

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The game meats, like hare, partridge, quail and pigeon are highly recurrent when it comes to eating in El Burgo Ranero. To wash all of this down you can opt for a glass of Vino del Bierzo or Vino de Tierra de León, both with denomination of origin. To finish, there’s nothing better than cherries in liquor, canutillos pastries or one of the delicious local cheeses.

Being such a small town, the options for eating tapas in El Burgo Ranero are not highly varied. First, we recommend the restaurant at the Hotel Rural Piedras Blancas, which has a bar area as well as a terrace for enjoying some of their wines accompanied by a pincho or small portion. They also serve sandwiches.

Another option is the Hotel-Restaurante El Peregrino, perfect for having a drink. The food is homemade and typically Castilian.

Hostal Restaurante El Peregrino
Hotel Rural Piedras Blancas

The best option for eating in El Burgo Ranero is La Costa del Adobe, where they offer homemade food at good prices. They use in-season ingredients to prepare their dishes, as well as other traditional recipes like callos or oreja (one of their specialties). Another option is the service area at El Castillo, where they offer homemade food with menús at 11 euros, as well as the option of a regular menu or bar where you can have sandwiches or small portions.

La Costa del Adobe

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