Eating in Astorga

Eating in Astorga

It will take you a full day to visit the streets of the beautiful Astorga, a city located in the center of the Leon province. During your walk through its enclosed historical center, the city’s Roman past will fascinate you. But it is not the only thing you will like in Astorga, its tapas bars and restaurants will make eating in Astorga an experience.

Astorga, located in the central zone of the Leon province, is famous for its cured meats and cheeses. You cannot go to Astorga without eating the cecina, a cured meat whose main production center is located in this city. The secret is in the smoking process and the climate that is required for their creation. Traditionally, this meat was from either cows or horses but today they use other meats like goat, rabbit or even deer.

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Restaurante Casa Lucio
Restaurante Casa Lucio
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Try the famous legumes, among which the Alubias de la Bañeza-Leon stand out. But if you want advice about what to eat in Astorga, the most famous dish that you should order is the well-known maragato, made in a clay pot with pedrosillanos chickpeas, hen, cabbage, leek and cured game meat. Interestingly, the order of the stew is the opposite of the Castilian recipe. They first serve the meat, followed with the vegetable, and finish with the soup. Wash down these specialties with a glass of wine from Bierzo or one from Vino Tierra de Leon, both with native production and certificate of origin. It is very normal to finish off your meal with a delicious homemade custard.

However the most representative sweet from this city is the Mantecada with I.G.P. baked in a traditional way. Another specialty is the ‘merles’, made from pastry dough filled with cream and covered with brown sugar. Although it is only sold in one of the city’s bakeries, it is popular among both neighbors and visitors.

If you want to eat tapas in Astorga, we recommend the following places:

Very close to the Plaza de España is La Paloma, a place that stands out for its wine menu and its original tapas based on traditional León cuisine. The quality of the food is good for the price. Another place you can go if you want to eat tapas in Astorga is the Bar Manolín. It is famous for its frog legs and callos, but the tapas menu is limited.

In Bar la Verja, near Town Hall, you can get to know the Astorga cuisine. This tapas bar is perfect to visit at “la hora del vermú”. The tapas are homemade and are of great quality. If you are in this area you can also visit Cubasol.

Bar Manolín
La Paloma

Among the recommended establishments to eat in Astorga, Serrano, a family business, is very popular. It offers an extensive menu with seasonal products.

50 meters from the cathedral is Las Termas, with an authentic maragato cuisine and custard for dessert. You can also try maragato cuisine in La Peseta, where they also serve typical cured meats.

If you want to eat chocolate in Astorga, don’t forget to visit El Museo del Chocolate de Astorga, on La Estación avenue, where you can visit a recreation of an old chocolate store, the factory, a souvenir shop and a sampling area for handmade Astorga chocolates.

Restaurante Las Termas
Restaurante Serrano

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