Eating in Covarrubias

Eating in Covarrubias

Covarrubias is a lovely medieval town, situated in Arlanza region and declared a Historic Artistic Site. To eat in Covarrubias, your main option is to do so in restaurants, nearly all of which offer the possibility to eat from a more substantial menu or to sample smaller portions. Typical products like cherries and pork will make eating in Covarrubias a varied and enjoyable experience. What must you eat in Covarrubias? We’ll tell you below.

Covarrubias is known for having a gastronomy based largely in pork and its many by-products, such as ham, morcillas (blood sausage), chorizos, tocino (bacon), panceta, carne de morro y orejas, etc. If you want to know what to eat on colder days in Covarrubias, we recommend a restorative olla podrida (red bean stew with various pork products), garlic soup, patatas con sangre, or patatas con cordero evolucionadas (potatoes with lamb). For a main course, we recommend the cordero lechal, lamb roasted in a firewood oven. Mushrooms, when in season, are another main ingredient in many dishes of the region.

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cerezas covarrubias

The Día de la Matanza, a festival that takes place during the weekend after the Fiesta de San Antón, has been celebrated annually since 1990. The event begins Saturday at noon and is celebrated in conjunction with the Feria de Tapas y Pinchos. The Covarrubias tourist center, or Centro de Iniciativas Turísticas de Covarrubias (C.I.T), uses more than 500 kg of meat, 200 loaves of bread, and 200 liters of wine from the Denominación de Origen Arlanza in order to satisfy the many visitors of this classic event. It’s a totally fun culinary weekend with charangas, who roam the streets, restaurants and bars of Covarrubias. This area of Burgos is also distinguished for its production of cherries from the Valle de Las Caderechas, with a Warranty Mark; it’s a prominent fruit in the Fiesta de la Cereza, which is celebrated the second weekend of June. In terms of dessert, this region offers borrachos, a Burgos product consisting of sponge cake and a small quantity of some kind of liquor.

Tapas in Covarrubias are varied and abundant. The classic Restaurante Tiki serves as much on their main menu as they do tapas and smaller portions. The fried chorizo with cider served in Covarrubias will not let you down.

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Due to its small population, there are various good places to eat in Covarrubias. The Restaurante de Galo, in a standard beautiful space with wooden beams and walls of adobe and brick, offers an elaboration of traditional cuisine. In an old, beautiful house in the Plaza Mayor, the restaurant Casa Galín is run by the fifth generation of owners and serves homemade food. The restaurant at the hotel Nuevo Arlanza, in a renovated traditional house, organizes medieval dinners at which you can order from a more substantial menu in Covarrubias.

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Restaurante Galo
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Nuevo Arlanza

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