Eating in Piedrahita

Eating in Piedrahita

Piedrahita is the perfect place to sample all the typical Avilan dishes. The pastries are the star products here, with sweets so good you’ll want to lick your fingers. Additionally, there are plenty of restaurants and bars where you can taste the wonderful pastries. Come with us to eat in Piedrahita!

In the capital of the Corneja Valley, the Castilian cuisine enjoys a fusion with Extrmaduran and Salamancan cuisine. So, if you are thinking about what to eat in Piedrahita, you should know that dishes like the patatas revolconas are combined with the sopas de vino and the sopa de cachuela.

judas negras
bunuelos reposteria

The local cuisine is based on meat products like Avilan beef, pork –especially the suckling pig- and game meat. The torreznos, chichas, calderetas, migas de pastor and morcilla de calabaza are also some of the dishes that stand out. These dishes are perfect for regaining strength after visiting this historic village, and former residence of the Dukes of Alba, Goya and Jovellanos.

Because of its proximity to El Barco de Avila, an area with a variety of Judías de El Barco with I.G.P., we find typical dishes like the judías con perdiz. During autumn, the multitude of dishes with mushrooms as the main component surprised us. In Piedrahita, pastries are also popular, especially the buñuelos, floretas, turrillos, huesos de santo, leche frita, mantecados and perrunillas.

In the bar La Cabaña they prepare excellent toast, especially the tosta de boletus con foie. Their various croquetas are the perfect dish to share and try their original recipes. Their tapas and wines are also popular for their excellent quality.

You will find many establishments where you can eat in Piedrahita, we will only highlight some of them. El Rubio offers traditional cuisine with a modern twist. Their daily specials are handmade and include an assortment of food at a good price. The restaurant decorations may not be the most modern, in fact quite the opposite is true, but that doesn’t change the quality of the food.

The restaurant Goya offers a cuisine based on tradition. This restaurant is like our previous option, with nothing modern, but it is still an exceptional meal. The patatas revolconas with torreznos, lasaña de carne and boletus, and mousse de queso con membrillo are delicious! In the hostel restaurant Gran Duque you will find traditional cuisine and a simple menu, without much charm. Breakfast is the most popular meal here.

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