Eating in Arevalo

Eating in Arevalo

In the northern part of the province of Avila we find Arevalo, a place of great meat dishes such as roasted suckling pig, also known as tostón. And for dessert? Some delicious torjillas! If you’re looking to eat in Arevalo, the local offering includes many asadores.

If you’re thinking about eating in Arevalo, we advise that it’s an ideal place for enjoying a good tostón (roasted suckling pig) or a lamb or goat roasted in the Castilian style in one of the establishments that populate the streets of the town. There’s also the Judías de El Barco de Avila (beans with I.G.P.), like the garbanzos of Arevalo, known for their high quality, which are a main ingredient in the cocido castellano (Castilian stew) that you can enjoy accompanied by various pork products—chorizo, fresh bacon, blood sausage with onion…—and vegetables (leek, cabbage, carrot).


Arevalo is also a good place for having some Castilian soup, consisting of broth served with bread, poached egg, and ham, seasoned with garlic and paprika, which is normally sweet. Since 2009, between February and March, Arevalo has celebrated the Jornadas Gastronómicas Tostón de Ávila o Cochinillo in the restaurants belonging to the Arevalo Association of Hospitality, and it is a good occasion for visiting this beautiful Moorish town. In the region of Arevalo, Albar pine trees (or piñoneros, pinus pinea) are abundant, and the locals harvest their edible pine nuts. During Holy Week, the town offers the opportunity to taste their delicious traditional sweets, the torrijas (a kind of French toast) and the roznaques, that latter of which is prepared with a sweetened cake with a light anise flavor that’s fried in the form of elongated or ringed cylinders.

For high-quality pinchos, Vinilandia is a good place. A perfect bar for having a small callos tapa with a very fresh beer.

The bar Pavero has a good variety of tapas and pinchos with all kinds of recipes. Also, their dessert menu is pure temptation.

Here we highlight a few of the many recommendable asadores where you can eat in Arevalo that feature tostón as their star dish.

At the restaurant La Pinilla, the Castilian soup is one of their best dishes. And for dessert? A delicious cheese flan!

At the asador Las Cubas, you’ll be able to eat a juicy tostón, which is ideal for sharing due to its size. Their green salads are the perfect accompaniment.

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