Eating in Bergara – Vergara

Eating in Bergara - Vergara

In the comarca of Debagoiena we come across the town of Bergara, a locale full of historical sites that are not to be missed. Surrounded by green mountains, the town has a well-preserved historical quarter which includes San Pedro de Arizona Church as well as Olaso Tower, among many other landmarks. When you visit Bergara, be sure not to miss out on eating at its pinchos bars and restaurants.

Bergara, like the rest of the Basque Country, has a significant gastronomic tradition. This town is famous for its pastries, making it a must for tourists with a sweet tooth. Their tostones (sponge cakes filled with cream made of whipped egg whites) and rellenos (cookies made with whipped cream and chopped almonds) are very popular. Of course, in the town’s restaurants you’ll be able to find typical dishes of Gipuzkoan cuisine. You can have roasted and grilled meats (especially lamb), a wide variety of fish from the nearby Cantabrian coast, and traditional stews.

Accompany your meal in Bergara with a nice handcrafted cider or a glass of the excellent Txakoli de Getaria (a white wine). As in many Basque towns, gastronomic societies have a large presence in Bergara and if you’re lucky enough to be invited by one of the members, you’ll get to enjoy all that the local gastronomy has to offer. Also, don’t forget that this town is the ideal place to go for pinchos.

txangurro bergara
plato bergara

You’ll find that eating pinchos in Bergara is easy and economical, since there are many establishments that specialize in pinchos. Here we’ve highlighted some of our favorites…

First, there’s Sirimi which has come to set the bar for the local tapas scene. In addition to their wide offering of pinchos, their traditional menu of full-sized dishes makes the restaurant a popular choice at mealtime in Bergara. Their food is made with fresh locally-sourced ingredients of certifiable quality.

Another option for dining in Bergara is La Arizona, located on Domingo Irala Kalea, a street full of terraces—good pinchos and good prices.

Finally, there’s Taberna Euxebio II, which is right nearby La Arizona. Here you can try all kinds of pinchos. We recommend the mushrooms from their pinchos bar and, our favorite, the stuffed Spanish omelette!

comer pulpo bergara restaurante sirimiri
Restaurante Sirimiri
comer bergarataberna euxebio dos
Taberna Euxebio II

When it comes time to eat in Bergara, the town’s restaurants provide a wide-ranging and quality selection. The restaurant Lasa can be found on the outskirts of town in a mansion built in the 16th century. Their food is both traditional and innovative and is always prepared with fresh seasonal products. The facilities are set up perfectly to accommodate any special event, including weddings and communions.

Another restaurant to keep in mind is Zumelaga, a long-standing establishment where classic Basque cuisine meets more contemporary trends. Their signature dish is fillet of hake with kokotxas and clams.

Azpeitxi is a restaurant that specializes in fresh fish, barbecue, and other classic dishes from the Gipuzkoan cookbook. Their homemade pastries enjoy a well-deserved reputation in Bergara.

comer bergara restaurante lasa
Restaurante Lasa
comer vergara restaurante zumelaga
Restaurante Zumelaga
comer bergara restaurante azpeitxi
Restaurante Azpeitxi

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