Eating in Orduña- Urduña

Eating in Orduña – Urduña

Located in the province of Biscay, we come upon Urduña, a town full of history where you can enjoy traditional Basque dishes. In its restaurants and bars you can try anything from pinchos to a filling bowl of marmitako. Eating in Urduña means being able to choose from top-notch products.

Curiously located outside the province of Biscay, the city of Urduña offers you a full gastronomic experience. Take advantage of the city’s many gastronomic festivals and contests to discover all that Basque cuisine has to offer. Stop by the codfish al pil pil competition or the Feria Agrícola Ganadera (Agricultural and Livestock Festival), both of which are celebrated as part of the Otxomaio Festival.

Try some famous Txakoli de Vizcaya, a white wine common in the Basque Country and produced in the city itself, and pair it with some delicious pinchos, mini versions of Basque delicacies, or an Idiazabal cheese tapa. If you get the chance, stop by the mushroom competition or the marmitako contest (during the Coronation Festival). In addition to these products, you can’t leave without trying Urduña’s famous snail, marmalade, and meat, all popular things to eat in the city.

pimientos rellenos orduna
bacalao pil pil orduna
marmitako orduna

When it comes to tapas, Urduña is home to first-rate tapas bars such as Belatz Gorri, known for its award-winning tortilla de patatas; Gernika, a local classic with good Basque pinchos; and Bar X, which serves quality traditional fare. Bar X offers a wide variety of pinchos incorporating various ingredients.

comer orduna bar belatz gorri
Bar Belatz Gorri
comer orduna bar x
Bar X

Urduña is home to a number of restaurants where you can find delicious and diverse cuisine. The restaurant Hiria serves good, simple cooking skillfully prepared with fresh, locally-sourced products. Here you can find everything from traditional Basque recipes to classic recipes from other parts of Spain, and from toasts to full meals. They make a great barbel al pil pil.

The restaurant Llarena is another very popular place to eat in Urduña. They serve good traditional cuisine and offer daily and weekend prix fixe menus. In addition, they offer sandwiches, pinchos (some made with shellfish), cold eel salad, and more. The restaurant Rómulo makes a decent steak, and they have good wine.

comer orduna restaurante hiria
Restaurante Hiria
comer orduna restaurante llarena
Restaurante Llarena

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