Eating in Ondarroa

Eating in Ondarroa

Located at the mouth of the Artibai River, we come upon Ondarroa, a coastal town where, naturally, seafood takes center stage. Ondarroa’s restaurants and bars work with quality products, and the results are excellent.

Known as “la villa de los puentes” (town of the bridges), Ondarroa’s gastronomic offering is comparable to its beautiful landscapes. Due to its vicinity to the Cantabrian Sea, the town is home to a longstanding fishing tradition; don’t miss out on its fish and shellfish, which are the cornerstones of Ondarroa’s cuisine. Stroll around the historical quarter in search of the town’s delicious specialties, including the famous marmitako, grilled tuna, and hake a la ondarresa, a recipe characteristic of the town.

merluza ondarroesa
anchoas ondarroa

One good option for eating in Ondarroa is tapas, as the town has several establishments that specialize in this miniature cuisine. The bars Leokadi and Cantábrico are two prime examples. At Leokadi you can enjoy delicious pinchos such as tortilla de patatas with codfish, Guernica peppers, and croquettes. At Cantábrico you can also find a delicious selection of pinchos as well as embutidos.

An option that we recommend for couples is the restaurant Sutargi, which has beautiful views and serves appetizers such as tasty fried anchovies. The restaurant is small, but it’s a good place to nosh with views of the estuary. Our recommendation: try the monkfish kebabs. Their pinchos bar also has a good selection. Another bar for a snack is Gaztedi, with delicious pinchos.

comer ondarroa restaurante sutargi
Restaurante Sutargi
comer ondarroa bar gaztedi
Bar Gaztedi

There are several options for places to eat in Ondarroa. Erretegi Jose Manuel is an establishment that specializes in fresh grilled fish and meat from local farms, all at a fair price. Our community of travelers ranks it as one of the best places to eat in Ondarroa. Here you can enjoy a good steak with potatoes.

Another restaurant to keep in mind when it comes time to eat in Ondarroa is Sutargi, which offers traditional fare specializing in local recipes like the famous hake a la ondarresa as well as barbecued meats and other typical dishes.

Batzoki is another place where fine dining meets fresh, quality products, all adhering to the gastronomic tradition of the Basque Country. They offer prix fixe menus, and the hake is their star dish.

comer ondarroa erretigi joxe manuel
Erretegi Joxe Manuel
comer ondarroa restaurante batzoki
Restaurante Batzoki

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