Eating in Mundaka – Mundaca

Eating in Mundaka – Mundaca

A coastal town located on the bank of the Mundaka Estuary in the north of the province of Biscay, Mundaka boasts some of the best waves in Europe as well as some of the best pinchos, so eating in Mundaka’s bars and restaurants will be a real treat. There’s also a great variety of meat and fish dishes—something for everyone!

Known worldwide for its exceptional surfing conditions, Mundaka has much more to offer than just sports. As a coastal Basque town, its cuisine is based primarily on seafood obtained directly from the nearby waters. So when it comes time to eat in Mundaka, it’s easy to find quality fish such as hake, turbot, sea bream, and tuna, the latter of which is used to make marmitako, one of the region’s most popular stews.

When it comes to meat, the town makes some outstanding traditional embutidos and veal, which is grilled in the form of a large steak, fillet, or sirloin. Vegetables also have an important place on Mundaka’s tables, especially tomatoes and Guernica peppers. Take in the town’s charm while trying a glass of Txakoli de Vizcaya, a white wine so renowned that it has its own holiday in Mundaka. A visit to the Fiesta de las Magdalenas is the perfect opportunity to discover all that there is to eat in Mundaka, a town that is also home to some incomparable natural attractions.

guiso mundaka
chuleton segura
marmitako bonito durango

If what you’re looking for are some good tapas, Mundaka has some bars that specialize in just that. We recommend Goikoa and Ibarralde. Goikoa is a Basque tavern where you can get some delicious pinchos. Their sandwiches do not disappoint either. Ibarralde offers a good bar of pinchos that will leave you satisfied. Here you can enjoy live music and a cocktail menu.

In addition, La Leñera is one of those bars frequented by people who live in Mundaka and know where to eat in the town. A local favorite, they have fantastic pinchos and nice cold beers.

comer mundaka bar goikoa
Bar Goikoa
comer mundaka bar ibarralde
Bar Ibarralde

It’s possible to find all kinds of places to eat in Mundaka. Portuondo is one of the town’s best-known places. Located in a traditional 19th-century home, this is a quality establishment that serves classic fare with innovative contemporary touches. Their specialty is locally-sourced meat and fresh seafood from their own hatchery. They offer several prix fixe menus for groups. We recommend the tomato and tuna salad as a starter and some of their delicious prawns as an entrée.

La Fonda is another restaurant to keep in mind when it comes time to eat in Mundaka, due to its classic homemade cuisine, rich in recipes from the traditional Basque cookbook. This is the perfect place to get some cuttlefish.

Txakoli Portuondo offers customers fare based on classic products and simple but quality preparation. A more economical option, their food is skillfully prepared with high-quality products. You can enjoy beautiful views of the estuary from the restaurant. The salmon is one dish that will leave you more than satisfied. Their clams in green sauce are delicious!

comer mundaka restaurante portuondo
Restaurante Portuondo
comer mundaka restaurante fonda
Restaurante La Fonda

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