Eating in Guernica-Lumo

Eating in Guernica-Lumo

Located in the comarca of Busturialdea and nestled in the natural environment of Urdaibai, we find the historical town of Guernica, known for the bombing it endured on April 26, 1937. If you can bring yourself to visit the town, you’ll want to know where to eat in Guernica and we’ll tell you now that there are plenty of good options.

Known for the bombings it endured during the Spanish Civil War, Guernica-Lumo is home to a gastronomic offering that you’ll love. Discover three of the main pillars of its cuisine: beans (which enjoy an excellent reputation), peppers, and of course Txakoli de Vizcaya, the most popular white wine in the Basque Country. All in all, eating in Guernica-Lumo is like taking a tour of the Basque culinary tradition, where fresh fish from the markets of the north and barbecued meats are the basis of many of the most common dishes in the town’s restaurants.

Pinchos, small dishes that can be creative or traditional, are another alternative when it comes time to eat in Guernica. The town’s market held every Monday perfectly showcases the town’s culinary tradition, especially the last market of October. And for something sweeter, be sure not to miss out on the delicious tarta Guernica, whose recipe is one of the town’s greatest secrets. If you visit around Christmastime, be sure not to miss the Marijeses, a tradition where the locals gather to sing hymns.

gambas alubias gernika
pimientos padron

When it comes to tapas, it’s possible to get pinchos in Guernica thanks to the work of several establishments such as Bake Eder, Etxarte, and Arribaltza, which specialize in miniature cuisine.

Begin the pinchos tour of Guernica at Bake Eder and have a tortilla de patatas with octopus and mushrooms. Continue the tour at Arribaltza, which is synonymous with tuna-stuffed pepper and tortilla de patatas with chorizo. Finally, end up at Etxarte, which opens up a world of pinchos possibilities. Our favorites are the revuelto de hongos (scrambled eggs with mushrooms), codfish al pil pil, and txipirón with onions.

comer gernika bake eder
Bake Eder
comer gernika restaurante etxarte
Restaurante Etxarte

There are many options of places to eat in Guernica. One of the town’s main establishments is Zallo Barri, a modern and inviting family-owned restaurant that serves traditional Basque cuisine with contemporary touches. They offer an à la carte menu, sampler menu, special prix fixe menus, and options for groups and special occasions.

Another option for eating in Guernica is 1000 Kolorau, a restaurant whose specialty is fresh fish from the Bay of Biscay and other parts of the Cantabrian coast. They also serve a wide variety of hot pinchos made to order and a wine menu featuring wines from different regions.

comer gernika restaurante xallo barri
Restaurante Zallo Barri
comer gernika restaurante mil kolorau
Restaurante 1000 Kolorau

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