Eating in Bermeo

Eating in Bermeo

Bermeo is a fishing town located in Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve in the province of Biscay which offers beautiful seascapes and views of the colorful houses on the coast. The local cuisine will be of particular interest to fish lovers. Do you want to know what else there is to eat in Bermeo?

Nestled in the Basque coastline, the town of Bermeo is known for its longstanding fishing tradition, so it’s no wonder that its cuisine is characterized by seafood.

Don’t miss out on the famous marmitako or tuna in Piperade (a garnish made of pepper, onion, and tomato), two of the region’s most traditional recipes that are common in Bermeo. Walk through the town’s old port and taste an amazing roasted txitxarro or hake a la koskera, a typical dish made with asparagus, egg, peas, and prawns or clams. Bermeo is also known for its canned fish products, including anchovies, tuna, and mackerel, to name a few. In addition to fish, veal is also very common in Bermeo and is usually served grilled in the form of a sirloin, fillet, or steak.

Txakoli de Vizcaya wine is another of the town’s most popular products, a great beverage to accompany all that there is to eat in Bermeo. The celebration of Las Magdalenas, celebrated alongside the towns of Elantxobe and Mundaka, is a perfect opportunity to explore the town and discover for yourself all that there is to eat in Bermeo.

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There are plenty of places to eat in Bermeo. Almiketxu is a grill opened in a restored 19th-century working-class cottage. The beautiful facilities include gardens, a bar, and several rooms where you can enjoy their traditional cooking, including all types of grilled fish and meat as well as homemade desserts.

Jokin, a great restaurant with a view of the port, is one of the most popular places to eat in Bermeo. Fish is their specialty, and they offer fish dishes on their à la carte menu as well as several prix fixe menus of varied prices. They also serve other specialties particular to Basque cuisine.

On the outskirts of town at Mount Sollube you’ll find the restaurant Cannon, where traditional cuisine is prepared from fresh, quality locally-sourced ingredients. Some of its main specialties are grilled meats and shellfish.

Another restaurant on the outskirts is Bengoetxe, a great place to eat in Bermeo. The restaurant, opened in a traditional Basque home, consists of a bar and two dining rooms where you can try the local cuisine marked by dishes typically associated with Basque gastronomy. They offer an à la carte menu and several prix fixe menus, and the restaurant has enough space to accommodate special occasions.

comer bermeo restaurante almiketxu
Restaurante Almiketxu
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Restaurante Jokin
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Restaurante Bengoetxe

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