Eating in Labastida-Bastida

Eating in Labastida-Bastida

In the comarca of Rioja Alavesa, we find ourselves in Labastida, a town that offers a wide range of options. The Santo Cristo, Calle Mayor (Main Street), and the town hall are worthwhile places to see. In addition, eating in Labastida will allow you to try Basque gastronomy with influences from La Rioja, which is even better paired with a regional wine.

Belonging to Rioja Alavesa and known for its excellent wines, Labastida offers a complete gastronomic experience. When it comes to eating in Labastida, the cuisine is closely linked to the culinary tradition of Álava’s lowlands. To make your taste buds water, you can try some delicious garlic soup or some classic potatoes with chorizo. Other common dishes when it comes to eating in Labastida include lamb chops al sarmiento and roasted lamb. Lamb is also used to make patorrillo, an elaborate stew with a touch of spice. You can accompany classic recipes like these with a nice glass of Rioja wine or some of the famous Txakoli de Álava. For the finishing touch on your experience of eating in Labastida, enjoy some of the town’s pastries such as fig and raisin compote. On festive occasions it’s very common to make zurracapote, a sweet beverage based on wine, fruit, and cinnamon.

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Fiesta de San Mateo
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If tapas are what you’re looking to eat in Labastida, the town has some places that specialize in just that, including Hasiera, Imanol, and Bola Leku, to name a few. At all of these places you can practice the Basque art of “pincho y pote,” pote being a small glass of wine.

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Bar Hasiera
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Bar Imanol

There are numerous options when it comes to eating in Labastida. The restaurant Ariño is an establishment with the appearance of an inn. They specialize in barbecue and offer an extensive menu, the bulk of which draws on the traditional cookbook of Rioja Alavesa.

Petrallanda is another highly-acclaimed restaurant when it comes to eating in Labastida. Their food represents an impeccable blend of the traditions of the Basque Country and La Rioja. Their dishes are always based on quality products and prepared simply but with great skill.

The restaurant of Jatorrena hotel also draws on this kind of borderland cuisine of the land between the Basque Country and La Rioja. It consists of different rooms, including a grill with classic décor where you can try barbecue specialties as well as a dining room with a more contemporary feel.

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Restaurante Ariño
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Restaurante Petralanda

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