Eating in Gesaltza Añana

Eating in Gesaltza Añana

Designated a site of Cultural Heritage and a Historic Monument, we find ourselves in Gesaltza Añana, the oldest city in Álava which is famous for its saltwater springs. Here you’ll find quality products and dishes made with meat and fish. There are hardly any bars or restaurant for eating in Gesaltza Añana, but in the nearby towns you can find some interesting options.

Located in the comarca of Cuadrilla de Añana, the town of Gesaltza Añana is famous for its salt production, which constitutes one of its main points of culinary and touristic interest. When it comes to eating in Gesaltza Añana, it’s possible to find traditional handmade products such as artisanal embutidos like blood sausage and chorizo as well as all kinds of cured meats. Idiazabal cheese and Alavese pinto beans are other common products on the tables of Gesaltza Añana.

Salt is, of course, the most important product when it comes to eating in Gesaltza Añana, and you’ll find it in all kinds of seasonings for meat and fish. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try the many other local products, such as Txakoli de Álava, the area’s most famous beverage, or honey produced in the town. The salt festival can be the perfect occasion to discover the meaning of eating in Gesaltza Añana.

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At Palacio de Añana you have a small but high-quality pinchos bar. Take in the views from the restaurant, seeing as landscapes and gastronomy go hand in hand. In Pobes (7 km away) you can find Santa Marina bar, an ideal place for some pinchos and coffee.

In Escota (14 km away) there’s La Taberna de la Era, perfect for lunch or a light dinner. Their platter of cheeses with quince is a delicious option.

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Bar Santa Marina
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La Taberna de la Era

There aren’t many places for eating in Gesaltza Añana. A short distance from the well-known Salado Valley, you’ll find Palacio de Añana, a restaurant housed in an old 18th-century Baroque mansion. Their kitchen perfectly executes Álava’s gastronomic tradition, using fresh seasonal products and modern techniques in the preparation of their dishes. The restaurant consists of several rooms that enhance its capacity and a terrace with good views of the town’s main natural attractions. From the grill you can get some tasty turbot.

In the nearby town of Espejo you can find La Kabaña restaurant, a long-standing establishment with good food based on local products and lovely facilities including a garden. They offer a daily prix fixe menu and delicious fried anchovies. What their menu lacks in variety it makes up for in quality—a very popular option among our community of travelers!

In Pobes, Mesón Cantabria is another good option for eating in Gesaltza Añana and the surrounding area. They serve home-style cooking with a strong classic essence. Their menu showcases recipes derived from the traditional cuisine of the Cuadrilla de Añana comarca. Their dishes are quite filling.

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Restaurante Palacio de Añana
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Restaurante la Kabaña

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