Eating in Antoñana

Eating in Antoñana

Antoñana is a small town whose historical quarter can be toured in just a few hours. However, this town in the Álava province is notable for its beautiful landscapes and natural environment. It is surrounded by two parks, Izki Park and the Entzia Mountains Natural Park, both of which are lightly-trafficked and perfect for hiking. If you choose to complement your visit with a meal in Antoñana, you won’t be disappointed. We’ll recommend some places for eating in Antoñana.

Belonging to the municipality of Campezo, Antoñana is a small farming town in inland Álava which is home to simple traditional gastronomy. When it comes to eating in Antoñana, dishes based on produce are very typical: vegetable stews, salads, cardoons, leeks, red bell peppers, and asparagus. As far as meat goes, veal, pork, and lamb are served fried or roasted and constitute another important part of eating in Antoñana.

Artisanal honey is one of the town’s signature products, so much so that they have their own holiday to celebrate it, el Día de la Miel (Honey Day). The forests near Antoñana are rich in mushrooms, especially truffles, which are an important product in the area. Take advantage of a visit to nearby Izki Park to discover the meaning of eating in Antoñana.

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There are no bars or restaurants for eating in Antoñana besides the town’s Centro Social (Social Center), a small bar where you are able to try various local specialties, mainly in the form of pinchos and raciones. For a more complete gastronomic experience, head to Santa Cruz de Campezo (5 kilometers away) or Maeztu (9 kilometers away).

When it comes to eating in Antoñana, you’ll have to resort to nearby towns. Nine kilometers away in the town of Maeztu you can find Los Roturos restaurant, a place with home-style cooking made using seasonal products. Their menu is marked by the presence of classic dishes as well as other more contemporary options. They offer various menus for groups, weekends, and special occasions.

Also in Maeztu, you can find Izki restaurant, a true classic for eating in Antoñana and the surrounding area. Their food also has a local essence, but with certain innovative touches, and is based on quality locally-sourced products.

Ten kilometers away in Virgala Mayor, Virgala restaurant is another establishment to keep in mind for eating in the area, due to their food as well as the facilities and service.

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Restaurante los Roturos
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