Eating in Candás

Comer en Candás

Candás is a sea port from the region of Carreño. This village is bathed by the Cantabric sea and has become a popular summer destination. Undoubtly, eating in Candás will add a plus to your holidays.

The village of Candás is the capital of Carreño. On the Cantabric sea, this fishermen town offers quality fish and seafood. As it is typical in Asturias, the servings at every restaurant are huge. If you are looking for ideas on what to eat in Candás, we recommend you the bonito (tuna) and centollo (crab). They are part of every caldereta and parrillada and come acompaigned by local products. It is nice to try them during the Tunna Gastronomic Fair. If you are passionate about seafood you can also go to the Crab Gastronomic Fair that takes place in one of the restaurants.

As in every locality from Asturias, desserts are a must. The classical arroz con leche (rice with milk) and the marañuelas are mandatory. These sweets are easy to do and are made with boiled butter. Do not hesitate to try them and visit the Cabo de Peñas and its famous lighthouse!

Dónde comer en Candás
Marmitako Candas
Don comer en Candás
guiso carne candas

Tourism has contributed to increase the development of the hostelry so it will be easy to find a bar where to taste a cold beer or a glass of sidra served with some tapas. We recommend going to La Botica Indiana and to the Vinatería El Retiro.

In La Botica Indiana they will offer you different types of beers, cocktails and vermús that will be served with a tapa. On the other hand, in the Vinatería El Retiro, the best thing to do is to have a beer and then order the menu.

comer candas botica indiana
Bar La Botica Indiana
comer candas vinateria retiro
Vinatería El Retiro

In Candás it is typical to find chigres (places specialised in sidra) such as El Muelle where you can ejoy good fish and seafood, calderetas at a great price!

The Llagar de Pola, in Santarúa de Candás, organises espichas (meetings where people drink sidra) with different menus. In addition the bar Naútico, located at the Fisherman Brotherhood building, and it has his own fish farm which warrantees them to have fresh fish everyday.

5 km away in Prendes, there is Casa Gerardo which is older than 120 years and offers traditional-modern dishes.

comer candas bar restaurante nautico
Bar Restaurante Náutico

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