Eating in Fuentes de Invierno

Eating in Fuentes de Invierno

Fuentes de Invierno, in Asturias, is a ski resort that was born in the year 2007. The land where the resort was built belongs to the council of Aller. For the ski lovers that wish to renew their strenghts and enjoy a warm place after a morning in the snow, you have made a selection of restaurants and tapas bars to eat in Fuentes de Invierno.

The gastronomy of the surroundings of this ski resort has a lot to do with the classic Asturian cuisine and the tradition of the council of Aller. It is a cooking based in strong flavors, where the protagonists are the red calf meat, hunt meat stews, lamb a la estaca, barbecues, embutidos and picadillos (sausage) made of pork byproducts. Apart from the classic fabada, some other dishes such as the pote de berzas (cabbage), made with earth products, can be found. The most eaten fish in this hill region if the trout, as it is usually found in a great amount in the rivers of these lands. The desserts are very unique, and a big number of recipes such as the casadielles, borrachinos and frixuelos can be found, even though the most famous one is the panchón. This last dessert is a cooked dough wrapped in cabbage leafs and covered with sugar or honey after being crumbled.

dulces fuentes invierno

In order to eat tapas in Fuentes de Invierno you can go to the cafeteria of the resort. But the close villages will enable you to find more options. For example, Felechosa, 14 km away, where you can eat at the Café Bar Nevada. This is a simple place with great food. You could also try the Bar Jeyro, where they serve bocadillos, hamburguers and combination plates.

comer fuentes invierno bar nevada
Bar Nevada
comer fuentes invierno bar jeyro
Bar Jeyro

There’s a lot of options of places to eat in the surroundings of Fuentes de Invierno. The Molín d’Eloy, in the village of Felechosa, is a restaurant located in an old water mill, where some tasty traditional cuisine is develped. Hunt meats, grilled meats and the Asturian pote are some of their specialties.

In the same village, the restaurant of the hotel De Torres is a great gastronomy reference from the council of Aller thanks to their artisan, fillind and typical dishes made from ingredients from the kilometer 0 (they have travelled less than 100km to get to your plate). They also have their own gastronomy workshop and a full winery.

In Curiego we recommend the restaurant Ca’l Xabú, a place that offers a variety of dishes and an Asturian special menu that allows the guests to try many of the specialties of these lands.

Another place to eat in Fuentes de Invierno and its surroundings is Teyka, in the village of Moreda. Their cooking is really appreciated by the people of the region and it is composed by all kinds of typical recipes from Asturias. They also have a great selection of tapas and portions to eat in a less formal way.

comer fuentes invierno molin deloy
El Molin d'Eloy
comer fuentes invierno cal xabu
Ca'l Xabú

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