Eating in Colunga

Eating in Colunga

Colunga, a village from Asturias, is known for the beauty of its beaches and its gastronomy. Between the green fields and the blue seas, colors that are present in the entire Principado de Asturias, the best cider of the region is produced. Do you want to know what to eat in Colunga?

Located inside of the cider region, the village of Colunga fights to preserve a gastronomy tradition bases on canned food. Numerous factories that produced canned food and chocolate, brad ovens and mills form the landscape of the village, but just a few places keep their traditions alive.

There is a great variety of products you can eat in Colunga, as it is surrounded by valleys and close to the shore. The meat from Asturias – the calf has I.G.P. ant the hunt meat (deer, wild boar and fallow deer) are served with earth products.

Thanks to its proximity to the market of Llastres, we can find great fish and seafood in Colunga. Don’t forget the most famous dishes, such as the fabes. You will be able to enjoy the Feria de les Fabes too, in which the artisan and agriculture products fill the streets of the city.

Don’t forget to try the Sidra (cider) de Asturias with D.O.P., one of the most importan products from this region! Discover how this beverage is traditionally elaborated and enjoy the landscaped that the apple trees form. The apple is not only used for the fabrication of cider, as it is also present in desserts such as the compote, pies or marmalades.

fabada colunga
salsa colunga
corzo colunga

If you want to eat tapas in Colunga we recommend these places:

The Magovi Café has great prices. The restaurant has a nice terrace where you can anjoy some pinchos. You could also eat at the cidery Sidrería Mocambo, a traditional tapas bar. Another option is the Café La Esquina, where you can taste the best tortilla of Culonga. We recommend going in the mornings, as this is when they serve pinchos. If you want generous portions, Casa Laureano is the best option for you.

comer colunga moncambo
comer colunga casa laureano
Casa Laureano

Between the many different places where you could eat in Colunga, we recommend La Taberna, located in the square of the village. They serve a traditional cuisine from Asturias at a great price.

At the beach de la Griega you will find the hotel Vista Alegre. Its restaurant has a big terrace that is perfect for the good weather, and also a fireplace for the cold days. They offer good fish and they also have a big dining room with views to the beach. This is an amazing place to celebrate all kinds of events.

comer colunga taberna
La Taberna
comer colunga vista alegre
Vista Alegre

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